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Season 4

17 Sep. 1983
Richie Hood/The T.V. Phantom
Richie and Dollar work diligently to solve the case of the Soap Opera Phantom who takes over television networks for his own profit.
24 Sep. 1983
A Whale of a Tale/Rich No More
Foghorn, a pirate who lives in the water by the Rich's underwater city, tries to steal a control box that would destroy the city so he can search for buried treasure.
1 Oct. 1983
The Ends of the Earth/The Snowman Cometh
Shaker, the Earthquakes Maker threatens to destroy a famous landmark if Richie fails to unravel three clues leading to his destination.
5 Nov. 1983
Irona Story
The Collector has escaped from prison, and kidnaps Irona and forces her to work for him.
19 Nov. 1983
Richie, with the help of his friends, must defeat a robotic villain named Computo who is planning to crash all of the video games and computers around the world.

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