Casper Meets Wendy (Video 1998) Poster

(1998 Video)

Cathy Moriarty: Geri



  • The Oracle : Attention, please listen, here is the latest: Desmond is now gone and Wendy is the greatest!

    Geri : Her? She's the greatest witch?

    The Oracle : She has done something no other can boast; This little witch befriended a ghost. So Wendy is the greatest, it is her I select. Someday she'll be queen, so show some respect!

    Geri : Go Wendy!

    Gabby : We always knew you had it in you!

    Fanny : Yeah! Wendy for president!

  • [Wendy's aunts are mixing a potion] 

    Geri : Did you put in enough belladonna?

    Gabby : Speaking of belladonna, I knew one. A Donna, that is. She had two kids, so I guess that makes her a MA-Donna! Get it? Madonna?


    Gabby : Oh, all right. I'll shut up.

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