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Sarah Polley: Ronna Martin



  • Ronna : I need a favor.

    Todd : Wow, I didn't know we were such good friends, Ronna! Because if we were, you would know I give head before I give favors and I didn't even give my best friends head, so the chances of your getting a favor is pretty fucking slim.

  • Stringy Haired Woman : Don't think you're something you're not. I used to have your job.

    Ronna : Look how far it got you.

  • Todd : You come here, out of the blue, asking for 20 hits. Just so happens 20 is the magic number where intent to sell becomes trafficking!

    Ronna : Todd, I would never fuck you like that.

    Todd : How would you fuck me?

  • Burke : Listen, I just want to make a deal here. Can we make a deal?

    Ronna : Who the hell are you? Monty Hall?

  • Todd : Ronna, I just gave you a favor.

    Ronna : And here I thought you just gave me head.

  • Ronna : I could leave something with you. Collateral.

    Todd : I already got a fuckin' Swatch.

  • Claire : You're making me an accessory!

    Ronna : Okay Claire, that bracelet of mine you're wearing, that's an accessory.

  • [Selling allergy medicine as drugs] 

    Ronna : You know what makes it even better? If you take like a lot of pot with it. I mean like, like a lot of pot.

  • Todd : Hey Ronna, how are sales?

    Ronna : Todd, I can explain

    Todd : I'm not going to ask you to. It's not like I'm in a highly ethical industry. But Goddamned, Ronna. You fucked me over for twenty lousy hits!

  • Ronna : [before selling baby aspirin to a party-goer]  Show me your tits.

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