The Wild World of David Gregory

Now, I'm straight, but I have a huge man-crush on David Gregory.

And really, if you're a fan of subversive cinema, what's not to love?

For those of you that don't know, Gregory is the UK born horror hero behind such counterculture cult film DVD imprints as Blue Underground and Severin Films and many of the supplemental documentaries that pad out their unique releases. Dedicated, ambitious and massively prolific, this incredible force of frightful celluloid nature recently wrapped his debut feature length shocker, the shot in 16mm Plague Town and has just re-issued, among a slew of other bizarre titles, two of Jess Franco's weirdest and wildest (I'm a devout defender of Franco, more on that in further Blood Spattered Blog entries) – the slasher Bloody Moon and the certifiably insane Devil Hunter - on his cooler than thou Severin label.

Since I so admire those that practice what they preach,
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