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An Amazing piece of Television
d0ctorni19 October 1998
"Felicity" is a show that doesn't come along very often. In this year's humdrum of boring freshman shows and networks trying to squeeze ratings out of old worn out sitcoms on their last legs, Felicity comes across as a refreshing journey. Felicity is somewhat of a lost soul, her father has planned out her future, pulling strings to get her into Stanford to pursue a medical career. But right after graduation, Felicity asks a guy she's been eyeing for the whole time she was in high school.... Ben Covington... to sign her yearbook. What he writes genuinely touches Felicity, so she decides to pursue Ben to NYU. Many of the plotlines of the series (at least so far) almost seem to be along the lines of something found in Melrose Place or 90210, but they are handled with a sense of care, and the series achieves poignant moments comparable only to moments spent watching movies. The whole show has a movie like quality to it, each scene looks planned, camera-work brings a little extra oomph to the scenes.... This is some of the best work I've seen on television. I can not recommend this show enough... it lives up to the buzz. Definitely among the top 5 shows on television.
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Chronicles of a college student and her relationships with her classmates/friends
BOB-41719 June 1999
"Felicity" is a fabulous show that everyone can relate too. It's not over-dramatic like many other shows. There is at least one character on the show that everyone can recognize within themselves. This show is for everyone, not just youths. The actors are superb. Keri Russell rightfully deserved her Golden Globe Award for her role. You must watch this show!
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Simply Wonderful!
shelvis-227 December 2002
When this show ended, I felt as though my best friend had moved away. From the very first episode "Felicity" grabbed my attention and never let it go. Excellent scripts, wonderful acting & possibly the best lighting on television. I just bought the 6 disc DVD set of the entire first season, and now I can't wait for the other 3 seasons to be released.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of Felicity. You did a great job!
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This show is hilarious!
Seb Chen23 April 1999
I originally thought this was another "Dawson's Creek" type teensploitation series. I was pleasantly surprised when I laughed myself silly at this extremely well written, well acted and often touching show. Felicity Porter is a much more realistic neurotic than Ally McBeal could dream to be and far more relatable. Did I mention the show is hilarious??? Example: Felicity's boyfriend has just had a fight with his brother upon finding out he is gay and planning a commitment ceremony with a man named Alex. The two siblings storm out leaving Felicity and Alex at the table alone. Felicity meekly offers "I'm marrying a gay guy too." (her gay boss has asked her to marry him so he can get a green card). It may sound far fetched but well-conceived scenes like this will have you rolling. Watch it!
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About a girl searching for everything and everyone meaningful in her life.
Swinger68 November 1998
I think that Felicity is the most amazing show. It has so much reality in it and I really can identify with the characters. I think that the actors/actresses are amazing. I only hope the I can have someone as cute and understanding as Noel for my R.A.
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Loved the show except for a few things
Pegofhearts21 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved Felicity! Although I did not watch it when it was first aired, I have watched all four seasons on DVD. The only big issues had with this show were that after the first season, I think it was they stopped having consistent sally-felicity "tapings". I think in season 2 felicity sent tapes to Sally, but you never heard anything back from Sally. I think for season 3, there was hardly any tapes at all! Then in season 4 you only heard Felicity sending tapes to sally again. What's up with that?Also, towards the end of season 4, it was COMPLETELY unrealistic when Ben cheated on Felicity with Claire! I mean come on- the guy goes through EVERYTHING to be with her and then just cheats on her with some dumb blonde? Ben would not do that to Felicity at that point in the show and it was really horrible that they wrote that in. Also towards the end of Season 4 when they had that whole "back in time" sequence, I thought that was really stupid. I mean it was just NOT felicity. I, personally am a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and that show is all about magic and the super natural, and I also LOVE felicity. But the thing is, the two do not collide in any way. They are completely different and they shouldn't be intertwined. I accepted it in the beginning when Meghan did those few spells on Felicity and they supposedly worked, because they were little things and it was really up to you to decide whether you thought the spells worked or not, but when they had that whole back in time thing was just too over the top- it was felicity trying to be Buffy and it wasn't pretty. I think Ben and Felicity are perfect for each other and that in the end they should be together, but the way they did it was horrible. I loved the seen when Ben came to the airport and he and felicity got back together, it was perfect. I think they should have done something like that for the ending, not felicity forgiving Ben for cheating on her like a million times. Also the whole thing about Ben getting Lauren pregnant was not so good. It was also unrealistic because since she was like 40, the chances of her getting pregnant on a one night stand were pretty slim and she was mean and TOTALLY screwed up the story line. And finally at the very end when Elena was back at the very end and when they didn't explain it was horrible. I know, I watched the DVD bonus features so I know that Matt reeves, I think it was, had to cut it out because there wasn't enough time, but this was the final episode and you can't do something that big, and not explain it. You just can't.So I am sorry I had to focus on the negatives, but there are too many positives to mention, but overall I thought Felicity was an excellent show with the above exceptions.
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Why I Like The Show
teenie_fairy4 June 2002
I find Felicity different then many of the other teen dramas. It is easier to relate to, more about finding your way, more mature then "Dawson's Creek" or "Gilmore Girls", although I like those two shows as well. It's a show I will miss, as the series ends, and I will always be glad I watched.
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Loved the show!
Lejla_8311 February 2005
I really liked "Felicity". I thought it was a very good show and it caught my attention at the very first beginning. The characters felt so real and I fell in love with them all. They were all so different in their own way and each one of them contributed something special to the show. Meghan's weirdness and Richard's humor worked for me! I will never forget the scene where Noel drinks that weird drink before their final exams and gets a little crazy - it always cracks me up!! I love watching reruns and I really wished I had it all on DVD. Have to get it one day - soon! "Felicity" was a really good show because it was actually very close to the reality of people at that age. Lots of problems that people in their early twenties deal with was portrayed on the show - for once in a normal degree.
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I cannot believe I got sucked in
daisy3-319 December 2001
I think I am slightly too old as the audience that the makers of this show try to reach. I have seen previews for TV show Felicity quite a few times over the last three years (quite a few because I'm not a big fan of WB Network, otherwise I'm sure they run all the time)..Point being, for the first time, soemtime in the beginning of 2001 I finally had a chance to see one single episode of Felicity by accident...and I got sucked in into the characters' lives and their semi-pathetic problems (the foundation of the show lays in the fact the main character- Felicity is torn between two guys and then there's the additional trivial drama of the so- called problems NYU students supposedly have..). Well, put aside the anomalies such as how do these NUY students without jobs pay for their rent and cool clothes (I mean, c'mon, there is a very weak evidence any of them have jobs and if they do they get paid minimum wage and I know NYC isn't exactly the cheapest city). Well, anyway! ... it's the second season I'm watching the show and I am amazed on how much chemistry there is between the characters of Felicity and Ben. That's some fine acting. I still think Keri Russell hasn't developed the character as much as she could have (or maybe she's not allowed to?, after all they need to keep it simple for the kids) but I also think she does the job well. She's sweet (maybe too sweet) and sincere with her facial expressions. Ben is more deep and complicated and the other guy Noel is just plain easy on the eyes. I really don't mind tuning in every Wed. night. I'm actually surprised that Aaron Spelling had noithing to do with this one.
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Should have found a new guy! - (contains spoilers)
tweety1725 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I think this was a good show, for many of the same reasons other users have cited. However, I was rather disappointed with the ending. Although the series revolved around the love triangle between Felicity/Noel/Ben and her inability to choose between them, I felt the ending ignored what was obvious in the "Back to the Future" episodes - that although she loved them both, neither Ben nor Noel were the "right one" for her: Noel found the love of his life, and Ben once again proved unworthy of Felicity's affections through his unfaithfulness. Felicity began the series following a girlish whim - and putting her crush before her own success - and she ended it still immature, putting someone else first. I feel that the series would have remained more faithful to its premise and mature presentation of storylines if Felicity had found the strength to stand up for herself to Ben (whose actions suggest he doesn't truly respect her)and take the next step on her own, or maybe meet someone new (remember the ending of The Wonder Years?). I felt that Felicity's situation at the end of the series was sort of sad, stuck. Life opportunities are only beginning at college graduation, there are more than two guys on the planet, and I had hoped that this elegant series would have let Felicity learn that too!
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Nuala S6 July 2000
No matter how hard I try, I cannot get into this show. The cast are, in general, quite talented and appear to understand their characters. Unfortunately, their characters are, well, boring. I'd prefer to watch a group of my own friends run around in a field for an hour. At least that may entertain me for more than five seconds.

I mentioned earlier that the actors are quite talented, but I hasten to add that none are great shining lights, good enough to break through the severe repetition of each episode. The quirky moments the characters enter or find themselves embroiled in simply do not work. In a quality youth-orientated show, such as that gem "Press Gang" (although I'm aware it's ridiculous to compare this TV show with most of today's attempts at that genre), the actors have the ability and the instinctive comic flair to make these silly moments work. The actors on Felicity take themselves too seriously, as though they're afraid they won't be nominated for an Emmy if they crack a smile. Instead it's a wrinkle of the nose and a roll of the eyes. You can tell that these guys are ultra mature.

Worst of all perhaps are Felicity's 'reflective' moments. The same thing, week in, week out, sometimes more than once an episode: Felicity leaves the college (or is it the halls of residence?), the film is slowed. A boring acoustic guitar/female singer number is played over the top. This is sickening stuff. It seems that life only runs on normal time inside the walls of the college or the dorms. The rest of the city must have broken watches.

As Colin Matthews of 'Press Gang' would put it: "Boredom City"
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Now this is what television should be
tasnee2 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When Felicity first aired in 1998, I was only 13 years old and lived in a little town in nowhere, Alaska that didn't have TV. So I missed out on the episodes when they were first aired.

It wasn't until my own Senior year of high school that I didn't have many classes to take and a lot of time on my hands before going off to college that I surfed through the channels once after we finally got satellite, to land on this show as reruns on the WE network.

One single episode was all it took for me to fall absolutely head-over-feet in love with this show. So many of my classmates would talk about other shows like Dawson's Creek and My So Called Life. They examined high school however, and since high school wasn't something I could relate to nor did I want to - I decided to catch a glimpse of the college experience through the eyes of artists.

I don't use the term "artists" lightly. This show not only captured pretty realistic viewpoints of what college life is actually like, but it dealt with serious issues in a way that was not over-dramatic and really heartfelt.

So many people like to point out that teens are always the ones with the complex lives and all the nostalgia to look back on. This show proves that its actually the people just starting the rest of their lives after high school that can really reach a place within themselves and discover who they are through "the smallest decisions".

And Felicity, not only as a character, but as a show, really takes the audience on that same journey of self-enlightenment.
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Best In It's Genre
acreeation29 October 2007
This series is outrageously well-written. It's warming and realistic. And the chemistry between Felicity and Ben is incredible. The last two seasons are the best as they focus on the toughest years of college and her dream-come-true relationship with Ben. The series finale is so satisfying. I honestly was not a fan of the show when it was airing, but that's probably because I was too young to get it. I was a freshman in college when the series finale aired. That alone had me hooked. Felicity is college life at its best. They don't make young adult dramas like this anymore. But they should. Definitely add this to your Netflix queue.
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A "Real" show for teens and adults.
Faith-713 October 1998
This show I have to say is Awesome. Almost anyone can watch it, it's "real" unlike most shows. This show you can relate to. When I first heard about Felicity, I didn't think I would really like it, but I do.. It's a great show, and I plan to remain a faithful viewer until it ends. I've got all the episodes on tape so far, and I plan to do it with the rest. Awesome show. If you haven't seen it, plan to do so. It's on at 9pm/8central on the WB.
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The human soul and spirit on display in a new twist of drama.
Jess-343 June 1999
Both cerebral and moving, this insightful drama has the capability of waking up a viewer to the world of the soul. Thematically the show centers around risks, those that we take, and those that we do not. The title character, portrayed by the beautiful Keri Russell, more often than not has story lines that allow her growing spirit to reach new heights of understanding, in a world that can be confusing and harrowing. Russell is aware of what love can do for a character, her acting ability is to be commended, because it represents the essential need for a gift of empathy and soulfulness. Her character is unique, and one who viewers should wish to get to know as her journey continues. The rest of the cast too, display a rawness to their talent that is encouraging to see in the theatrical and film industry to date. Canadian Scott Speedman brings an intensity to his character which is quite unsettling, and Tangi Miller is both edgy and endearing as a young woman who is branching out into the adult world of temptation and desire. Amy Jo Johnson and Scott Foley provide wonderful character foils to the two leads, whether that be the intention or not, and they remain subtle in their acting techniques, as they seem to be the veterans on the show. It is nice to see some of the casts natural talents coming into the show, from Johnson's musical talents to Speedman's athletics. And all the supporting cast and guests- from an outrageous Dean & Deluca manager to a Wicca Camp voyaging roomate- are superb and layered with nuanced performances. The WB should be commended for their casting, writing and directing. I am truly moved every week to watch this show, thank you for that, and best of luck in the future to come.
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Love this show
karl-2923 November 1998
I really enjoy watching this show each and every week. I feel it is one of the best shows on tv let alone on the WB network. The show portrays common people dealing with every day issues. I really enjoy Amy Jo Johnson, I have seen her a lot in the past from Power Rangers to her TV movie Perfect Body. I am also enjoying the work of the rest of the cast. As for those people that say that this show is boring or doesn't accurately portray NYC college life, I say to you people, remember that this is just a tv and sit back and enjoy it. Amy Jo and Keri are two of the sexiest young actors or TV today and are a joy to watch.

So, see you on Tuesday nights at 9:00 on the WB.
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started good and end horrible
hugobolso-124 September 2002
Felicity was a show about life in University. The main character was a beautiful girl who have too choice in the boy of her dreams and her soul mate. The first year was great because explain . all the university student problem, and young adult troubles (like lost the virginity, violation, obsession, relationship, ambition and frustration). the following start excellent, reinventing the show (like the "Twilightzone") and with more actually controversial topics (not Russell hair cut)like the gratuity use of pill, it was also much more about Felicity than his friend and life in collage but end bad with a too nice reunion of Felicity and Ben. The third one was the shorter, it was good but not long enough in that season Felicity seems very tired. However the other characters were more interesting (Elena Virgin boyfriend, the relationship of Maghan and Sean, The English girl and his violent boyfriend, the depression and goodbye of Julie, Noel's failure marriage). The last season started excellent with the leading affair with his friend. Most of the audience I think they wan to see Noel with Felicity, but the producer decide to finish with Ben. The only good topic of the first part was Noel depression. After Ben unfaithful, she back to the past to rescue her first love Noel. That was a funny idea but end horrible. She return to the present with Ben. Not only who choice one guy, also Elena who died in a car accident was alive with his fiancée (totally incoherent). The first season end good because the audience didn't know her choice. In the end she not only return to Ben, also she decided to stay the rest of her life with him. Most of the people wants to see in the end to see Felicity with Noel. I think that the propionate ending was a much more open mind final, where she end alone or with a third guy, because it's difficult to marry and have a nice life with your university boy/girlfriend. Maybe a good idea was when she choose Ben, then Noel left her fiancée in the church and all the story begins again. Not only end worse the whole chapter was a mess, there is not a dramatically scene between Elena (that supposed to be dead in the future) with Felicity, and the Sean Maeganhan relation end in chaos. In others time creative screenwriting's, destroy complete the end of the series with this horrible ending. That's a pity

I hope that there is an alternative
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a quality show whose time is not up yet, low ratings or not
Good-Evening-Clarice24 April 2002
Unlike DAWSON'S CREEK, the WB's other big show aimed at older teens and young adults, FELICITY is fresh and feels real. The characters are well-drawn, the plot lines are interesting but also make sense and all in all you care, each week, about what happens to these people. It is a shame that such quality entertainment should leave the tube, and I appeal to WB for reconsidering and sticking with it for another season for the sake of keeping a good show on TV, despite the ratings slump (hey, Keri Russel can grow back her hair, and then maybe ratings will surge again). Its time just isn't up yet.
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Went from Soapy fun to just plain soapy!
willow_chick8821 August 2001
I was an avid fan of this show its first season. I suppose it had something to do with the fact that I was a senior and was on my way to college myself. Anyway, I knew that it was soapy and the whole premise was decidedly laughable, but some parts rang true like how even when we have someone who really likes us we have to go for the unattainable. Still, the show went downhill the second season by not only moving to Sundays, but by having uber-soapy scripts. The third season had momentum, but that was ruined by the return of the ill-conceived "Jack and Jill" and ended with a kind of thud. Undoubtedly, this show will return for many more seasons and will get worse and worse, but it was good guilty pleasure fun while it lasted.
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Excellent show for protected and sheltered people
brbrknndy17 August 2013
This is supposed to be about college life trials and tribulations. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The show starts out well with the right idea , then after the first few episodes, the show is nothing more that teen soap opera with all characters centering their whole lives around what's happening with Felicity, Ben and Noel.

No one suffers any real consequences for bad actions here as it is all excused because of being in love. Real life is not really like this and neither is college. This is a nice fantasy show for people who don't have to work for a living.

The only real characters are Megan and Sean. They are somewhat enjoyable to watch. They are annoying, but at least they are real.

If you have to face real life everyday without a safety net, you'll hate this show.
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One perfect mix of drama and comedy.
shadow-5416 March 1999
Felicity is Ally McBeal mixed with My So-Called Life. People should tend to think of it as a stupid copy.

However Felicity surprised me. It's extremely good, even though I never expected it, while I was believing that MSCL, Party of Five and Dawson's Creek were the only teen shows that could stay on television. There's always room for one more. I witnessed some extremely dramatic and tragic scenes such as Felicity and Ben being robbbed at their own apartment or Felicity's shame as her diary is heard throughout the big party. Anyway, there were also extremely funny moments, which I never saw in teen shows, like the episode about the final exams's eve in which Noel gets really crazy when he consumes that weird drink and yells to Felicity at the study room, while those captions made for the silent conversations are displayed on the bottom of the screen.

It's a well done show. Not as funny as Ally McBeal or as dramatic as MSCL, but a good show nonetheless. The theme song is incredible. There could've been more scenes outside NYU, showing more places around New York itself. I don't believe Felicity stays secluded in that university never going anywhere else. Then again, like all teen shows, it's probably a low-budget show.

Watch Felicity at least once, even if you hate it. It's worth the effort.
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A real life
Macalehe12 April 2010
Lately, I have the opportunity to watch Felicity, by the way I was a fan, now I see with other eyes, sure the time is not in vain.

I can say about Felicity is that is a great program, the screenplay is well done, the characters are finely delineated. The best is the situations are so common and everybody can identified with.

If you are looking for something, have a relationship, are a student, live a college life, have friends with issues, and you have to choose a way, this is your program TV.

Felicity is so honest in dealing with issues in which it develops, I never saw another TV program like that, is a shame not to make the programs in this line.

Highly recommended.
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Amazinngly good show
globalfreak-22 May 2006
I came upon this show while in college and enjoyed every episode! Keri Russell and all the cast and characters are terrific with dialog and feeling to match! Definitely JJ Abrams best effort, though i like Alias and Lost to a lesser extent, Felicity has it all. It is always amazing to me how shows can create a scene and sense of a city when they are not even filmed in that city! NYC in Felicity felt as real as real, down to the background and sounds. The show created that perfect little window to look in upon a tiny little world that held so much. I was disappointed when it was canceled but at least it had its college run, and the ending four or five shows were done exquisitely! Thank the goddess its out on DVD!
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Keri Russell as Felicity in college.
TxMike7 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Felicity is one of the TV series that my wife and I both enjoyed. She liked the stories, I enjoyed watching the pretty college girls. Keri Russell, who got her start as a member of the Mickey Mouse gang, plays the title character, Felicity Porter. The series was loosely based on Felicity's experiences and puppy loves while in college and living in a dormitory. While many of the other cast members were older, even in their 30s, Russell really was college age during the run of the series. Starting with long, curly hair which was a signature look of sorts, she created quite a stir when she showed up with very short hair for one new season. Before this TV series, she was in a charming little movie called 'Eight Days A Week.'

Greg Grunberg who played Sean Blumberg was my favorite non-female cast member. Although he was one of the older ones, already in his 30s, I always enjoyed his natural, relaxed acting style. Since the series was canceled, I have seen Grunberg in a number of other shows. Scott Speedman and Scott Foley played two of Felicity's boyfriends, at different times. I never really enjoyed their performances. Their characters never seemed real.
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Felicity finished
dmr7425 September 2003
Felicity has just finished airing on Australian television. This was in rerun form. I wanted to amplify some of the comments I have read on this site. Felicity captured my interest due to the interesting story lines and the way in which it was delivered by the actors. I did miss most of season 1 but the story line was easy to understand. Girl watches boy from afar then in a heart lead move changes her path to follow him. This decision proves foolish at first but other doors open (Eg Noel) and Felicity finds herself engulfed by the realities of life. Were as my interest stayed to follow Fecility's journey, sometimes I found the script lacking as so many story lines were started and never followed through. I tuned into the last episode two weeks ago today and was not impressed. It is such a shame to see a show that began with an incredible script, brilliant photography and lighting, excellent music and believable characters to be wasted on what seems to be writers and creators who gave up.
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