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Amanda Foreman: Meghan Rotundi



  • Felicity : [Holding a pair of panties]  Hey... um... are - are these yours?

    Meghan : Yeah.

    Felicity : They were in my refrigerator.

    Meghan : Oh, I know. I haven't done that since I was a kid. It feels so good, cold underwear in the morning.

    Felicity : Hey, could you do me a favor and, uh, not put your underwear in my fridge?

    Meghan : Well, they're not dirty.

    Felicity : And also, where's my apple?

    Meghan : I ate it. I thought we had an agreement, give and take.

    Felicity : You thought we had an agreement? We don't have an agreement on anything. We've never even had a real conversation before!

    Meghan : I replaced your stupid apple.

    Felicity : With a tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"?

    Meghan : It tastes so much like butter.

  • Meghan : This is how I know Felicity still likes you. You ready?

    Ben Covington : Yeah. Wha... what is it?

    Meghan : Sarah McLachlan.

    Ben Covington : What?

    Meghan : When Felicity showed up last year, head over heels for you, Sarah McLachlan was all she listened to. If "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" wasn't in the CD player, it was only so "Solace" could get a little airplay. I started calling it 'Ben music'... not to her face but behind her back. But then it went away, and I thought Sarah was gone for good. I almost started celebrating. And then you showed up again. You offered Felicity this cross-country trip of a lifetime, which means I got to memorize every lyric from "Surfacing"... all 10 songs! This year started off McLachlan-heavy, until the big break-up, and then all of Felicity's hair went away, and so did Sarah. Until you guys broke into the pool. Now maybe it was a coincidence, but guess who started to make a comeback? It was gradual, but constant, and now if you want me to, I can sing any song from "Mirrorball" which really annoys the hell out of me! So if you're ever curious about whether Felicity has the hots for you, just check her boom box.

    Ben Covington : That's the dumbest theory I've ever heard.

    Sean Blumberg : Well, I buy it.

    Meghan : Let me put it this way, Greg knows how to work it. If she spends too much time with him, Sarah's going back on the shelf.

  • Meghan : What's your problem?

    Noel : Wow. Well, um... I don't know where to begin.

    Meghan : Hey, if you're actually gonna answer that question, could you not?

  • [Elena asks about Felicity's whereabouts] 

    Meghan : Oh, she's probably in Noel's room, getting some.

    Elena : Getting some what?

    Meghan : A little R.A. ass, or whatever.

  • Meghan : I think it's premium.

    Felicity : What?

    Meghan : You having a forbidden affair.

    Felicity : I'm not having a forbidden affair.

    Meghan : Man, I had you pegged as this uptight, no-fun, like, follow-the-rules kiss-ass bore.

    Felicity : Well, actually that's much closer to my personality.

    Meghan : You and the R.A! You just went up, like, a notch.

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