The Siege (1998) Poster


Jeremy Knaster: INS Official


  • [Hubbard is looking at photos of Elise when Frank comes in] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : You sleep here?

    [Hubbard looks up] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : Immigration called.

    [Cuts to Frank and Hubbard interviewing an INS official who is showing them a false-bottomed suitcase full of money, while Hubbard chews on an orange] 

    INS Official : Underneath the false bottom we found this, all in small bills, so we figure it's smurf, right?

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Mmmm-hmmm.

    INS Official : And considering yesterday's terrorist alert and where he's been recently, we better call Frank.

    Agent Frank Haddad : Who's trying to score points with his boss, bigtime.

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Has he broken any laws?

    INS Official : No sir. He is $20 under the $10,000 limit.

    Agent Frank Haddad : [immediately pulls a $20 bill out of his wallet and sets it on top of the money in the suitcase]  Not anymore.

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