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MPAA Rated PG for mild language and some crude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a surprising amount of adult jokes in here, considering its a kids movie. However a lot will fly over a younger audience's head.
  • While taking a "mud shower", Shrek's butt is slightly visible and from a distance, a branch covers up his private spot which kids may miss, but the adults are really going to get the idea
  • When Shrek sees Lord Farquaad's tower he exclaims "Do you think he's compensating for something" and then laughs. Young children will think this is a reference to his height but adults will see it a different way, being a clear reference to his penis size
  • In a couple of scenes, the top of Shrek's butt is seen.
  • Lord Farquadd pulls up his sheet whilst looking at pictures of Princess Fiona and an erection is seen
  • When Fiona tries to get an arrow off Shrek, she pulls it off and accidentally rolls on top of him. Then Donkey comes around and notices. To which he says: "Look, if you want to be alone, all you have to do is ask, OK?"

Violence & Gore

  • There is a scene where Lord Farquaad is interrogating Gingy and you can see his legs have been broken off. Later on you will see that he is fine with his legs "stitched" back with icing.
  • When sliding down what looks like a series of rocks, Shrek gets hit in the groin.
  • At least twice in the film, Donkey falls from a high height.
  • Donkey tips over a big barrel to squash some warriors. Shrek takes some more out with a series of pro wrestling moves.
  • Robin Hood and his men show up and he briefly holds a knife on Shrek. Fiona, however, goes into martial arts mode and takes out all of the men (with punches and kicks, etc.) with one of them shooting an arrow at her and Shrek. We then see that the arrow struck Shrek in the behind (no blood or gore, although she has to pull it out and we then see what looks like a tiny bit of blood on just the arrow).
  • A dragon chases villagers around a kingdom. The people are screaming.
  • In Fiona's castle their are many skeletons, armor of dead warriors, and various bones of men killed by Dragon.
  • Shrek and Fiona blow up a frog and a snake like balloons and let go of them floating up towards the sky. They both most likely died a slow and painful death.
  • Fiona singing causes a bird to explode.
  • Donkey lifts his leg over a campfire as if to extinguish it through urination (shown briefly from a distance).


  • During the Welcome To Duloc song, the tiny singing dolls say "please keep off of the grass shine your shoes wipe your... Face!" This obviously shows that the dolls where about to say a** due to the fact that the rhyme sounded as if it where about to and that the dolls pointed to their buttocks.
  • Shrek calls Donkey a "dense irritating miniature beast of burden".
  • There are moments of rude humour, such as Shrek belching and farting.
  • 5 uses of damn (4 from the song, Bad Reputation), 5 uses of ass, 2 uses of God, 1 use of crap, 1 brief and quick use of hell (very noticeable). 1 use of "jackass" A character is named Lord Farquaad (a play on Fuckwad).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Shrek is seen drinking "eyeball-tini". This is an ogre's version of martini.
  • After Farquaad announces that whoever kills Shrek will be announced champion of some contest, the ogre picks up a mug and asks why they can't settle this over a pint. When Farquaad refuses, Shrek quickly downs the ale. He then opens a spigot on a barrel that sends a torrent of ale toward his attackers, knocking them down.
  • While Farquaad is in bed he is seen drinking a martini.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Shrek is seen eating eyeballs. This may unsettle some viewers.
  • Some scenes may frighten or unsettle young viewers.
  • When Shrek lets out a monstrous roar toward some villagers who've come after them, that might be a bit unsettling or even scary for some of the younger viewers (although he does so for fun to scare them away).
  • Once Shrek and Donkey are inside the castle where Fiona lives, various sights inside it might be unsettling or scary for younger viewers. Among them are various skeletons of men who previously tried to rescue the Princess, the general decrepit and somewhat spooky looking state of the castle, and then the huge, fire-breathing dragon that chases after Donkey, shooting fire at him and seemingly attempting to kill him. Later, however, they learn that the dragon is a girl who becomes smitten with Donkey, so some of that scary edge is removed from it (although it later chases after them again).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • During a sequence of Dancing Puppets, they sing"...Shine your shoes, wipe your ...". They then show their rear ends with their pants partly down. The line details are visible.

Violence & Gore

  • Lord Farquaad is eaten by Dragon. This is mildly amusing.

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