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Great obscure show
sentra1430 September 2004
This show ran for such a short time that few people ever heard of it and it is often confused with Roald Dahl's show of the same title. I have 5 episodes of the show on video, my absolute favorite being "No Way Out" with Bill Bixby. I liked just about any series that Quinn Martin produced and this was one of my favorites. If I can ever find the other shows in the series, I'll write an episode guide. The series was called "Twist In the Tale" in the UK, but almost no information can be found about it. I doubt it will ever be released on video or DVD but I would be the first to buy it if it was. I would love to share information with anyone who has any information on the show.
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The Creepiest Show You've Never Seen.
a_l_i_e_n1 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK, this hour long anthology series dealing with tales of horror, suspense and science fiction ran ever so briefly on NBC (as a mid-season replacement if I recall correctly) in 1977. I don't know for sure how many episodes made it to air before the plug was pulled, but there are a couple that just live on in my memory like childhood nightmares. The one that is probably the best known by folks other than myself is an excellent suspense piece starring Lloyd Bridges as a man who is re-visited by the vengeful fella' he helped send away to jail years before- and if this is already sounding like "Cape Fear", that's probably because it's pretty much an hour long version of that movie, but still a very good re-telling. The menacing con, Teddy Jakes, launches a campaign of terror against Bridges, his wife and daughter (played by "Brady Bunch" kid, Eve Plumb). At one point he sends them what looks like a box of roses, but what it actually contains is a human arm. Pushed beyond his limits, Bridges kills his tormentor and places him at the bottom of a dry well. Problem solved. However, Bridge's wife just cannot resist the urge to go back and make sure Jakes is still there. Venturing out to the well on her own, she raises the bucket rope from which the body was lowered, and after a spine tinglingly lengthy assent the wrapped body emerges. As she unties the ropes to confirm what she came there to see,

((Spoiler Alert))-

SUDDENLY JAKE'S HAND COMES OUT AND GRABS HER! (fade out and to commercial)

Boy was that intense- and it wasn't even the end of the story! I did see this one episode in stores a while back on video under a title like "The Revenge Of Teddy Jakes", so there must be others out there who also recall this superb little gem.

The other episode that still gives me the willies featured Roy Thinnes as a reporter who is steadfastly opposed to the death penalty. A plan is hatched between Thinnes and a prison official to allow him to go undercover on death row as an inmate. While there though, a guard who knows who Thinnes really is (and bears a grudge against him) switches his prison uniform so that the reporter's clothes now bear the number of an inmate set to be electrocuted. In what must be the performance of his career Thinnes is absolutely "electrifying" as he desperately tries to get everyone to realize the mistake that's been made- but of course, who would believe the ravings of a death row inmate, right? So, he is dragged out of his cell kicking and screaming like an animal and strapped into the awaiting chair. Every single second of this heart pounding struggle is riveting to watch, right to the black cloth mask being placed over his face and the switch being thrown-

((Spoiler Alert))

and then prison officials and the guard who set him up step out from behind the scenes. They inform Thinnes that this has all been concocted to show him what a condemned man really goes through. They're all opposed to capital punishment and want him to continue in is crusade to end the death penalty. The conniving guard is even the one who unties the straps. But when he removes the death mask, in an absolutely bone chilling moment of revelation the guard finds himself looking into the staring, lifeless eyes of a corpse. Trauma has caused the reporter to die of fright.

This show needs to be released on DVD immediately.
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great show.
paul-welton15 March 2005
Fantastic.I'vie been wondering about this series for years.My hopes were raised when the William Shatner 1998 series first aired,bearing the same title as this in the UK,but it was not to be.. Nobody here I have spoken to can remember it,but the episode that sticks in my mind is "No way out" in which,I think,Bill Bixby played a man who set sail in a fishing boat,only to return to port many years in the future(or could be the past!) It's so long since I'vie seen it.It was shown in the UK again in the early eighties ,by which time I possessed a VCR.I kick myself for not taping it.Please keep me informed as to any possibility of DVD release,or if anyone could help with a video recording of that show. Paul.
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Rare tv at its best
Radish4ever29 March 2018
Known as Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected but released in the UK as Twist in the tale.

Every episode was a different story with often horror or supernatural elements. The pilot was a remake of cape fear - and probably the best version of this story. There was also a remake of the episode of the Invaders (also an earlier Quinn Martin tv series) and although all the episodes where fun, the one I remember fondly was 'A hand for Sonny Blue' about an American Football player that has a hand transplant. Unfortunately it has a mind of its own.

The twists were sometimes disappointing and you are left thinking WHAT? !!!! but that didn't stop you looking forward the next episode. Ran too short (8 episodes) and there were more episodes planned. Despite one of the most requested shows for a DVD release, this still remains something we are still waiting for. Several of the episodes were repeated on cable tv channels but nowadays it seems to be overlooked or forgotten. Pity, as 1970's telly at its best.
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Looking for recording of Pilot
bgsivils21 June 2017
This pilot was a great show and was stuck in my mind for quite sometime after viewing it. My son and I have searched for YEARS to try to find a recording of it. It's called The Final Chapter about a writer who goes under cover to see what a wrongly condemned man feels like on death row.

Does anyone know where a recording is available?
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Quinn Martin At His Best!
justinaames18 January 2019
Great theme...very much of its 70's time. I've only seen "No Way Out", and "The Nomads" thus far on YouTube. I remember this airing on SciFi Channel and TV Land at some point in the late 90's but missed its brief heyday (too young).
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