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Let Them Eat Goo

The citizens of South Park are moving toward a completely plant-based diet. Cartman is pretty sure the new food in the cafeteria gave him a heart attack.

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Randy revels in a Tegridy Farms milestone; Cartman stands his ground and refuses to get a shot.

Season 17

25 Sep. 2013
Let Go, Let Gov
Cartman goes to infiltrate the NSA for his personal file, but doesn't like what he finds.
2 Oct. 2013
Informative Murder Porn
The children of South Park find out their parents are watching disturbingly violent television shows about sex, murder, and betrayal, otherwise nicknamed "murder porn".
9 Oct. 2013
World War Zimmerman
Cartman sees Token as a threat to all humanity.
23 Oct. 2013
Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers
The goth kids become worried after one of their members, Henrietta, returns from a camp intended to cure her goth, is an emo. But there is more going on than meets the eye.
30 Oct. 2013
Taming Strange
Ike is going through Canadian puberty and it puts a strain of his and Kyle's friendship. The school installs a computer system hooked up to a website called IntelliLink.
6 Nov. 2013
Ginger Cow
After Cartman pulls a silly prank where he puts a red wig and red spots on a cow, saying it's a "ginger cow", the middle east experiences peace but comes with a price for Kyle.
13 Nov. 2013
Black Friday
The children of South Park form two battling contingents to get a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One during a Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, Randy takes a temp job as a security guard at the mall in order to make a little extra holiday money.
20 Nov. 2013
A Song of Ass and Fire
The battle for which gaming console will dominate, PlayStation 4 or Xbox, builds, with both sides of kids and the companies of each game system, vying for the win.
4 Dec. 2013
Titties and Dragons
The horror of Black Friday has begun and the battle begins. Forces will join, back stabbing will occur and there will be blood. And big floppy wieners.
11 Dec. 2013
The Hobbit
After Butters turns down a fat girl that asks him out, Wendy is upset over Butters' crush on Kim Kardashian because she says Kim is actually a short fat hobbit who uses photo shop to make herself look more attractive.

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