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In the "South Park" official site, since Season 3 show has been transformed from 1.33:1 original aspect ratio to 1.78:1. Presenting new background with new sides on the screen and new restoration.
In the early showings of the episode "Death", after Ms. Cartman says that watching "Terrance and Phillip" will turn Cartman into a potty-mouth, Cartman replies "that's a bunch of crap, Kyle's mom is a dirty Jew". but later showings of "Death" have the word "dirty" bleeped out.
In advertisements for the episode in which Kyle needs a kidney from Cartman, Stan asks Cartman what he'd do with ten million dollars, and Cartman replies, "I'd make Britney Spears my love slave!" The Britney Spears line does not appear in the actual episode.
In the later showings of the episode where the boys enter Afganistan, cartoonish sound effects were added when cartman pulled out signs that read "s**t head" and "c**k sucker" and when the magnifying glasses are magnified a few times to see Osama Bin Laden's genitals, also the music in the end credits changed to "The Star Spangled Banner" while the first showing played the theme song.
On the commercials promoting the episode "The Succubus", Ms. Crabtree was shown as the new school cafeteria chef. When it aired, the new cafeteria chef was a new character named Mr. Derf.
The ad for the episode about the foreign quadruplets showed some scenes in which they multiplied into more girls, to the boy's disbelief. This scene was not aired, as the episode was hastily changed to a spoof of the Elian Gonzales incident.
The Season 6 episode "Jared Has Aids" was banned by Sky in the UK and instead of opening the series with it, Sky went forward to "Asspen".
In the UK, Sky cut 2 lines out of the Season 3 episode "Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics". The first line "There's Princess Diana, holding burning mistletoe.." was cut to "For one day we all stop burning..". Also, the line "We still have to shop for Andy Dick" was cut.
The Season 5 episode "Proper Condom Use" was banned by Sky in the UK during the initial series run, and hasn't been shown since. Channel 4, however, has shown it.
There is a persistent rumor that, in the "Big Gay Al" episode, the line "And these South Park Cows are being absolutely molested by Middle Park. I haven't seen so many children since..." was initially followed by "since Michael Jackson came to town". This rumor is entirely unfounded; numerous tapes made of the episode as broadcast prove this, and nobody has yet to offer any actual evidence to the contrary other than memory. Despite this, the rumor persists.
All airings of "The Passion Of The Jew" after its first showing have a few changes in the scene where Stan and Kenny visit Mel Gibson:
  • Gunshots are heard when Kenny and Stan steal $18 from Mel Gibson's wallet.
  • More bouncy Noises are put in when Mel Gibson is bouncing around.
  • Mel Gibson's sung line "And good evening friends" is done much differently, including Mel running outside (rathing than bouncing), he does a spin and sings his line, and walks off screen, instead of runs.
  • One bounce noise is added in when Mel Gibson jumps in front of the jewish people.
In the episode "You Got F**ked In The A**", the lettering on the black kids hat was changed from "LiL' Shiit" to "LiL' Sheep" before it even aired for the second time that night.
The episode "spookyfish" was shown in "spooky-vision" when it first aired ("spooky-vision" is where a picture of Barbra Streisand appears in every scene) while other airings of this episode removed "spooky-vision", except the new MTV Europe showings have the spooky-vision

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