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Berlinale 2017: Geoffrey Rush Delights as Giacometti in 'Final Portrait'

Nothing like watching artists work. Final Portrait is a film directed by Stanley Tucci (of Blind Date, The Impostors, Big Night previously) starring actor Geoffrey Rush playing the famed Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti. If you don't know who Giacometti is, it's better to get acquainted with him and his incredible sculpture work before getting into this film. Final Portrait tells the story of, literally, his final portrait as an artist - a painting he did of an American novelist who was visiting Paris, where his studio was, in the 1960s. The film has a small, intimate feel to it exploring the pained life and quirky antics of a great artist, which is becoming increasingly common these days (e.g. Inside Llewyn Davis, Maudie, Mr. Turner, Love & Mercy). Armie Hammer plays James Lord, an American novelist who has been profiling Giacometti and is already friends with him at the start. Giacometti
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Stanley Tucci Talks Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Working with Michael Bay, Filming the Action, Alan Rickman’s A Little Chaos, and More

Stanley Tucci is one of those actors that shines in every genre and role. I won't list his great resume, but check it out on IMDb and you'll see someone that has consistently done excellent work for almost three decades and acted in over 100 projects. He's also a writer-director helming projects of his own like Big Night, The Impostors and Blind Date. In his latest role for Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction, Tucci plays the head of a tech company that develops weapons. At the Hong Kong press day for the film, I talked to Tucci about working with Bay, the new technology that was used on the film (like the new IMAX 4K 3D digital camera), playing a role that's serious while also providing levity, filming the action, and getting to work with Alan Rickman on his movie A Little Chaos. Hit the jump to watch. If
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Trailer Trash

A documentary celebrating the eccentric master of fish flies, Megan Boyd; how Mamma Mia! star Dominic Cooper got a taste for real ale; and Woody Allen steps out from behind the camera

Fishing for film gold

The Edinburgh international film festival starts this week, casting its net wide with Korean films and American indies. But this 67th edition might be remembered for a very local tale and one of the unlikeliest documentaries that's ever hooked me. It's called Kiss the Water: A Love Story, a portrait of an eccentric, almost hermit-like woman called Megan Boyd who became the world's foremost maker of salmon flies. Seriously. Prince Charles was one of her loyal clients, even delivering her OBE to her cottage because Boyd couldn't be bothered with the fuss of going to the palace to accept it from the Queen.

The film is by American doc maker Eric Steel, whose last film,
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'The Hunger Games' Cast Talent Show

The fact that the cast of "The Hunger Games" has on-screen talent is a no-brainer. Just look at their Oscar cred!

That bunch knows how to sizzle before the camera. But did you know Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) can also air-puppetteer her own face? Or that Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) can make an insane cricket chirping noise on cue? Or that Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne) can perform magic tricks for a crowd?

Just watch this throwback interview with Yahoo! UK.

The vid got us thinking about what other talents the "Hunger Games" gang have up their sleeves, so we did a little digging and found out that some members of the cast have a knack for sports, music, fine cuisine and more.

Jennifer Lawrence

She might've made her big splash in Hollywood by portraying a sober down-but-not-out Appalachian in "Winter's Bone," but Jennifer Lawrence is known to be quite the free-flowing chatterbox.
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Peter Jackson casts legendary Scottish comedian Billy Connolly in 'The Hobbit'

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Peter Jackson casts legendary Scottish comedian Billy Connolly in 'The Hobbit'
  With production already completed on a large portion of "The Hobbit" films, director Peter Jackson and his wife/creative partner Fran Walsh have cast Scottish comedian Billy Connolly in the role of dwarf warrior Dain Ironfoot, a character who appears briefly in the book as well as in Appendix A of "The Lord of the Rings". The news was broken by Deadline. Known as "The Big Yin" by many of his fans, Connolly started his career as a folk singer/comedian in the 1960s. He has appeared in many films throughout the years including "Muppet Treasure Island", "The Impostors", "The Last Samurai"...
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The 'A' List

Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci share more in common than critical accolades and impressive resumes. Both actors enjoyed professional breakthroughs somewhat later in life, after struggling through their 20s and early 30s. Each credits the Steven Bochco series "Murder One" as a major turning point in their careers. And both share similar perspectives on their craft and the business -- not to mention a wicked sense of humor.Clarkson and Tucci have teamed up before in projects Tucci has co-written and directed, beginning with the 2000 film "Joe Gould's Secret." In 2007, the pair played a married couple estranged by tragedy who repeatedly pretend to meet for the first time in "Blind Date," inspired by a film from the late Dutch director Theo van Gogh. This month, the duo will reteam as a far more lighthearted couple in "Easy A," a smart new comedy from director Will Gluck and writer Bert V. Royal.
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Tucci Draws Brosnan, Clarkson and Moore into 'The Hunter'

  • Part of the perks of being an actor who moonlights as a director is being able to call favors upon friends like Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan
[/link], Patricia Clarkson and Julianne Moore. Though Stanley Tucci's last project (Blind Date) barely made a blip on the festival circuit and will, almost two years later, finally be receiving a theatrical release in September, The Hunter should fair a better because Clarkson + Moore + her Laws of Attraction co-star Brosnan will ensure this dramedy receives a little bit more stardust. Brosnan has also worked with Clarkson in Ira Sachs' Married Life.  To be produced by Tucci, Steve Buscemi and Wren Arthur's Olive Prods., Irish DreamTime's Brosnan and Beau St. Clair and River Bend Pictures' Stan Erdreich.  Scripted by Stanley Tucci directing from his screenplay, this is set amid the aristocracy of New York's Upper Westchester County, is a coming-of-age story of a middle-aged man,
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