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Nicolas Cage: Seth



  • Seth : I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.

  • Seth : Some things are true whether you believe them or not.

  • Seth : [about Susan]  She said, what good would wings be if you couldn't feel the wind on your face?

  • Seth : You're an excellent doctor.

    Maggie : How do you know?

    Seth : I have a feeling.

    Maggie : That's pretty flimsy evidence.

    Seth : Close your eyes. It's just for a moment.

    [touches her hand] 

    Seth : What am I doing?

    Maggie : You're... touching me.

    Seth : Touch. How do you know?

    Maggie : Because, I feel it.

    Seth : You should trust that. You don't trust it enough.

  • Seth : To touch you... and to feel you. To be able to hold your hand right now. Do you know what that means to me? Do you - Do you know how much I love you?

  • Seth : Why do people cry?

    Maggie : What do you mean?

    Seth : I mean, what happens physically?

    Maggie : Well... umm... tear ducts operate on a normal basis to lubricate and protect the eye and when you have an emotion they overact and create tears.

    Seth : Why? Why do they overact?

    Maggie : [pause]  I don't know.

    Seth : Maybe... maybe emotion becomes so intense your body just can't contain it. Your mind and your feelings become too powerful, and your body weeps.

  • Maggie : Why do you wear the same clothes all the time? Why won't you give me your phone number? Are you married?

    Seth : No.

    Maggie : Are you homeless?

    Seth : No.

    Maggie : Are you a drummer?

  • Seth : I fell.

    Ann : Evidently. Off a train?

    Seth : I fell in love. Ann, please help me find her.

  • Seth : The little girl asked me if she could be an angel.

    Cassiel : They all want wings.

    Seth : I never know what to say.

    Cassiel : Tell them the truth. Angels aren't human. We were never human.

    Seth : What if I just make her a little pair of wings out of paper?

  • Maggie Rice : Do you feel that?

    Seth : Yes.

    Maggie Rice : And that? How's it feel? Tell me what it feels like.

    Seth : I can't.

    Maggie Rice : Try.

    Seth : Warm. Aching.

    Maggie Rice : It's okay. We fit together.

    Seth : I know.

    Maggie Rice : We were made to fit together.

  • Seth : Can I ask you something?

    Susan : Yes?

    Seth : What did you like best?

    Susan : Pajamas.

  • Nathaniel Messinger : [telepathically to Seth while eating pancakes]  ... and you're reading my mind right now.

    Seth : Stop that!

  • Seth : Am I too late?

    Maggie Rice : Too late?

    Seth : Jordan?

    Maggie Rice : I couldn't marry Jordan. I'm in love with you.

  • Seth : What's that like? What's it taste like? Describe it like Hemingway.

    Maggie Rice : Well, it tastes like a pear. You don't know what a pear tastes like?

    Seth : I don't know what a pear tastes like to you.

    Maggie Rice : Sweet, juicy, soft on your tongue, grainy like a sugary sand that dissolves in your mouth. How's that?

    Seth : It's perfect.

  • Maggie : What happened?

    Seth : Free will.

  • Maggie : Are you a visitor?

    Seth : Yes.

    Maggie : Well, visiting hours have been over since 8.

    Seth : Wh-Why do they have that?

    Maggie : What?

    Seth : Hours. Doesn't it help the patient to be visited?

    Maggie : Well, who are you visiting? Mr. Messinger?

    Seth : Right now?

    Maggie : Yeah.

    Seth : You.

  • Nathaniel Messinger : Listen, kid: he gave these bozos the greatest gift in the universe - you think he didn't give it to us, too?

    Seth : Which gift?

    Nathaniel Messinger : Free will, brother. Free will.

  • Seth : I can't see you but I know you're there.

    Seth : [Cassiel appears]  Am I being punished?

    Cassiel : Come on, you know better than that.

  • Cassiel : To smell the air.

    Seth : Taste water.

    Cassiel : Read a newspaper.

    Seth : To lie.

    Cassiel : Through your teeth. To feed the dog.

    Seth : Touch her hair.

    Cassiel : What are you waiting for?

  • Seth : I was there in the stairwell... when you cried for your patient. And I touched you, remember?

    Maggie Rice : Why are you doing this?

    Seth : Because I'm in love with you.

  • Seth : Let's go somewhere.

    Maggie : Where?

    Seth : I don't care.

    Maggie : What do you wanna do?

    Seth : Anything.

  • Maggie Rice : Got a message for me?

    Seth : I already gave it to you.

    Maggie Rice : Well, did you use my pager? 'Cause I usually don't get my messages unless you beep me.

    Seth : You've definitely been beeped.

  • Seth : I came to take Mr. Balford... and I saw you. I couldn't take my eyes off you. How you fought for him. And you looked right at me... like I was a man.

  • Seth : I always asked the dying what they liked best about living. Wrote it down in my book. This is it. This is what I like best.

  • Mack Truck driver : Where are you headed?

    Seth : Tahoe!

    Mack Truck driver : Reno.

    Seth : Tahoe!

    Mack Truck driver : I'm going to Reno!

    Seth : I'm going to Tahoe!

    Mack Truck driver : Hop in, we'll figure it out when we get there.

  • Seth : Hello Maggie! It's nice to see you again.

    Maggie Rice : It's weird to see you again.

    Seth : Weird is nice.

  • Seth : That doctor in the operating room. She looked right at me.

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