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  • The movie seems to point to Cisely having kissed Louis, since this is the final revelation in the film, but it also indicates that the truth is unclear as Cisely cannot clearly remember what happened. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • All of Mozelle's dead husbands: Andersen, Maynard, and Harry. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • She didn't kill him directly, but she did cause his death. However, it was not by using voodoo. It was because she hinted to Mr. Mereaux about his wife's and her father's affair.

    The reasons why Eve's "voodoo" was not the cause of Louis's death?

    1. When Roz has her fortune told by Elzora, Elzora says that, "Sometimes a soldier falls on his own sword," insinuating that she already knew about Louis' impending death.

    2. When Eve asks Mozelle how to kill someone with voodoo, she angrily answers, "You can't kill people with voodoo! That's ridiculous!" Considering how easily she fooled Madame Renard into accepting her fake "protective charm" earlier in the film, Mozelle would obviously know if it were truly possible to kill someone with voodoo.

    3. Consider Elzora's hatred of Mozelle. When Eve propositions her, she is surprised, not only by the amount of money she has, but her boldness as well. Also, when Eve tells Elzora that Mozelle is her aunt, her eyes light up, and she continues to smile throughout the conversation. Because she is psychic, Elzora already knows who Eve intends to "kill." Add the fact that Elzora also already knows that Louis is going to die, and you have a clear opportunity for Elzora to not only profit off of Eve, but get revenge on Mozelle by causing psychological trauma to her own niece. Therefore, it's possible that Elzora lied about the "wax coffin" so that Eve would blame herself as the direct cause of her father's death. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Her first, Anderson, died while at war. The second, Maynard, was shot by Mozelle's jealous lover. While it is not completely known the exact details of Harry's death, in Eve's vision, she sees a car crashing, so one could assume his death resulted from that. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • First, you have to understand that Eve, as a young child, has a different perspective of "death," than say, an adult would. Believing that her father has hurt her sister, she swears to kill him for doing so. However, it becomes fairly obvious that Eve wants a voodoo doll, not to kill her father, but to make him suffer. In other words, Eve doesn't truly want her father to die, but she simply wants him to feel the hurt that he caused her sister to feel, while being the one to administer it. So, when Elzora tells her that she has no voodoo doll for her, and that her father may already be dead, she panics, because she realizes that she is no longer in control of her revenge, and that she has gotten more than she bargained for when she asked for it. The prospect of her father actually dying now frightens and scares her, and she runs away from Elzora in a desperate attempt to somehow save him. Edit (Coming Soon)


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