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Intl. TV Newswire: Natpe Deals, Zed Pre-sales, Aardman Distribution

  • Variety
In this week’s International TV Newswire Variety recaps more Natpe news from All3Media, Comedy Central Latin America, AMC’s Acorn TV, Vis, El Deseo, Globo and Univision, Zed pre-sales from Realscreen and Aardman’s latest distribution pickup.

All3Media Sells to Comedy Central, AMC Networks in Latin America

Comedy Central Latin America and All3Media International have closed a deal for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Golden Globe-winning comedy “Fleabag” to premiere on the network later this year. The series is produced by Two Brothers Pictures for BBC Three and Amazon Prime in association with DryWrite Productions and All3Media International. Comedy Central Latin America is the latest international broadcaster to pick up the show from All3Media, following deals with Wowow in Japan, ABC in Australia and Sky New Zealand.

AMC Network’s streaming service Acorn TV picked up more than 180 hours of All3Media International’s primetime drama. Included in
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Midsomer Murders: 10 More Actors You Had No Idea Were On The Show

Midsomer Murders, the popular ITV detective drama, has undoubtedly had its share of outrageous murders. Whether it's drowning in a vat of cider, eaten alive by a boar, or skewered with a pitchfork, the show always exercises creativity in the demise of another poor resident of Midsomer County. Fortunately, Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and his Detective Sergeant are on the case, having solved hundreds of grisly crimes over twenty years on the air.

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Some of these murderers and their victims are familiar faces. Read on for ten more actors you had no idea were on the show.
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Midsomer Murders: 10 Most Outrageous Murders From The Show

Iconic, quirky, sometimes whimsical Midsomer Murders is twenty-one years old and still going strong. It is made in England by ITV and syndicated to over 200 jurisdictions. It is a streaming staple all over the world. Why? Well, in some ways it is a classic cozy mystery. But with a difference. It's become an icon, an institution, all over the world.

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There are over the top, sometimes bizarre, murders. There is humor. There is always humor. And there is a strong central cast consisting of Dci Barnaby, his family, and his ever-loyal sidekicks. Most movie-length episodes offer up several murders. What's not to love? Here are 10 of the most outrageous murders. Some of them are corkers, we think.
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‘A Very English Scandal’ Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins Sets Up ITV Studios Label

  • Deadline
‘A Very English Scandal’ Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins Sets Up ITV Studios Label
Dominic Treadwell-Collins, the executive producer of A Very English Scandal, is setting up a drama production label with ITV Studios.

Treadwell-Collins is starting up at ITV Studios after more than three years as the head of television at Blueprint Pictures. He started his new role this week and will aim to create high-ended scripted series, which can be sold internationally by ITV Studios.

Treadwell-Collins will act as showrunner on his own projects, as well as executive producing all other shows made by the label. It follows the producer overseeing Russell T Davies’ BBC One drama A Very English Scandal, which starred Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw, who scooped up a BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globe for his performance as Norman Scott.

ITV Studios managing director Julian Bellamy said: “I have long been an admirer of Dominic’s creativity and storytelling, as exemplified by the award-winning A Very English Scandal. We
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Midsomer Murders: 10 Hidden Details Only True Fans Noticed

British series Midsomer Murders was first broadcast in 1998. Fast forward to today, the series has gained popularity across the globe on popular streaming sites. Surviving twenty-one years is quite an accomplishment in television land. What makes the show so special? Well, there are the over-the-top (almost comic) murders, the snappy banter between Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and his sidekick Sergeant and an idyllic English village setting in fictional Midsomer County.

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And, oh yes, most episodes have multiple murders. The series is based on the characters in Caroline Graham's Midsomer Murders books and the show's tone is very much tongue-in-cheek, with a light humorous edge. Here are 10 hidden details only true fans will have noticed.
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BritBox Boss Says Originals “Aren’t Everything” As Streamer Launches In UK With No New Shows

  • Deadline
BritBox, the subscription streaming service from the BBC and ITV, has officially opened its doors to UK audiences for £5.99 ($7.69) a month. But unlike Apple TV+, which debuted last week with glossy dramas such as The Morning Show, BritBox will not be offering subscribers any original content until next year at the earliest.

Asked by Deadline why originals are not at the heart of its launch strategy, BritBox boss Reemah Sakaan told a press briefing that ITV and the BBC are keen to establish the brand initially through its library of thousands of hours of content, including box-sets of Downton Abbey and The Office.

“Originals are really important, but they aren’t everything. You’ve got to establish the brand and the business. It’s a brand new brand in the UK market. We have to get to scale distribution and originals take time to make. Quite frankly, we felt if we waited another year,
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BritBox Launches in U.K. With New Deal for Content From Channel 4

  • Variety
It’s full stream ahead for BritBox in the U.K. The ITV-and-BBC-run Svod service launched on home turf Thursday after having been available for nearly three years already in the U.S. The platform is also set to feature film and TV content from Britain’s Channel 4 as the result of a new agreement for the broadcaster to participate.

The service, priced at £5.99 ($7.50) per month, will offer classic and contemporary British shows, such as “The Office” and “Downton Abbey,” as well as BritBox-only originals. There will be the the now-customary one-month free trial for consumers. Unlike BritBox in the U.S., which is an equal joint venture between ITV and BBC Studios, the U.K. version has a different ownership structure, with the BBC taking only a 10% stake. BBC senior management has told Variety that the pubcaster is comfortable with the arrangement given that its budget is under pressure.
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BritBox Launches In The UK After Striking Channel 4 Deal

  • Deadline
BritBox has officially opened for business in the UK, launching on Thursday after striking a big new partnership with British broadcaster Channel 4.

BritBox, a joint venture subscription streaming service between the BBC and ITV, will eventually feature content from all the major UK public service broadcasters after signing up Channel 4 for three years.

It is the UK broadcasters’ plan to tackle the invasion of U.S. streaming services, with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV+ chipping away at their audience, particularly among younger demographics.

Channel 4 will hand over more than 1,000 hours of shows to BritBox from 2020, as well as an exclusive Film4 curated service featuring iconic British films. New Channel 4 shows will be available on BritBox 31 days after they have aired on television.

Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon said: “The opportunity to collaborate as PSBs on BritBox extends our track record of partnership and will ensure there is
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Midsomer Murders: 10 Actors You Had No Idea Were On The Show

Midsomer Murders is one of Britain's longest-running detective shows, having aired on ITV since 1997. It stars Neil Dudgeon as Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby, who took over the lead role from John Nettles in 2011.

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The show is known for its stellar guest stars, many of whom achieved greater fame after being cast as a murder victim or murderer in one of Midsomer's sprawling, hour-long mysteries. In other cases, the guest star is already famous and serves as a familiar face for viewers to spot. Below are 10 actors and actresses you probably had no idea were on Midsomer Murders.
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PBS to Bring Rebooted European Detective Series ‘Van der Valk’ to U.S. (Exclusive)

  • Variety
PBS Masterpiece has boarded the remake of classic European detective series “Van der Valk” and will co-produce and air the show in the U.S.

Masterpiece’s Rebecca Eaton will exec produce the project. It is the latest in a healthy line of U.K.-originated drama that Masterpiece has boarded since becoming the U.S. home for British-made hits such as “Downton Abbey.” More recent projects include “Mrs Wilson” and the upcoming “All Creatures Great and Small” reboot.

“Van der Valk” now joins that roster. The original series was loosely based on the Nicolas Freeling novels and was made by British producer Thames for ITV in the 1970s. Barry Foster starred as the thoughtful titular Dutch detective, tackling crimes against a picturesque Dutch backdrop. The producers said the new iteration will see Van der Valk re-imagined as an unapologetic and street-smart cop in Amsterdam who leads a dynamic team investigating mysterious crimes.
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‘Charlie’s Angels’ Trailer: Elizabeth Banks Reboots Female Spy Series With Brand-New Angels

It has been 16 years since the last “Charlie’s Angels” film, but now in 2019, they are back and ready to kick more ass than ever before.

The angels now have a different look. No more Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore or Lucy Liu as we now welcome new angels Kristen Stewart (“Twilight” series), Naomi Scott (“Power Rangers”) and Ella Balinska (“Midsomer Murders”).

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‘Van Der Valk’: ‘Midsomer Murders’ Writer Chris Murray Taking Pro-European Approach To Police Procedural – Mipcom

  • Deadline
‘Van Der Valk’: ‘Midsomer Murders’ Writer Chris Murray Taking Pro-European Approach To Police Procedural – Mipcom
Midsomer Murders writer Chris Murray is taking a pro-European approach to his latest drama – taking one of Britain’s best loved actors and turning him into a Dutch detective.

Murray is remaking Dutch procedural Van Der Valk for a slew of European broadcasters including ITV in the UK, Germany’s Ard, France Télévisions and Npo Netherlands with Safe and Mad Dogs actor Marc Warren in the lead role.

All3Media International, which co-commissioned the series from its own Company Pictures is now taking the three-part drama to Cannes in the hope of closing more deals.

Murray told Deadline, “I’ve done quite a few detective shows over the years and I always remembered the setting of the original and liked the idea that in these times [of Brexit], being relatively pro-European, of doing a detective series that reflected contemporary Europe.”

The show follows a street smart and unapologetic Dutch detective, played by Warren,
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Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in October

As autumn fully kicks into gear, Netflix will be saying goodbye to a number of movies and TV titles throughout the month of October.

Movies including Julie & Julia, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Empire Records, Obsessed, Pineapple Express and The Dukes of Hazzard will all be departing the streaming service throughout the month.

Halloween-appropriate films including Casper, Scream 4 and Gremlins will also be taken off of the streamer.

On the TV front, multiple seasons of The Carrie Diaries, Midsomer Murders and El Internado will be removed. Additionally, the first season of Impractical Jokers will disappear on Tuesday.

Despite the ...
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Midsomer Murders: The 5 Best & Worst Episodes (According To IMDb)

Midsomer Murders is a British detective drama that began in 1997. It’s based on Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby book series. It’s set in several villages within the fictional English county of Midsomer and is known for it’s occasional lightheaded jokes and moments of dark humor. Seasons 1-13 starred John Nettles as the eponymous Dci Tom Barnaby, and since season 14 it has starred Neil Dudgeon, who played Tom Barnaby’s nephew John. It has remained spectacularly popular, and even after 20 seasons, ratings have hardly dropped.

Season 21 will begin airing in 2020. Until then, here are the best and worst episodes according to IMDb.

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A TV channel to teach migrants English is a great idea. But Fawlty Towers? Really? | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

The 1975 sitcom is one of a selection of cultural touchstones suggested by a thinktank – but it all seems rather narrow

Ask a random British person over the age of 30 if they can locate the origins of the phrase “don’t mention the war” and I’d hazard that most would guess correctly. Most British people of a certain age have seen, or at least heard of, Basil Fawlty’s guesthouse goosestep in the famous Fawlty Towers episode The Germans. It is a fundamental part of our comedy culture. So perhaps it’s no surprise that Fawlty Towers has been suggested as a candidate for a new TV channel proposed by the thinktank British Future in order to help migrants familiarise themselves with English, and English culture. Only Fools and Horses, Midsomer Murders, and Simon Schama’s History of Britain have also been recommended.

And yet, these apparent cultural touchstones seem
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ITV Boards ‘Van Der Valk’ Remake From Company Pictures & All3Media International

British broadcaster ITV and a slew of European networks have signed up to the remake of classic British detective drama Van Der Valk.

This comes after Deadline revealed in April that Safe and Mad Dogs actor Marc Warren will star in the reboot from The White Princess producer Company Pictures and All3Media International.

The three-part series will air on ITV in the UK, on Germany’s Ard, which co-commissioned the series with All3Media International, France Télévisions and Npo Netherlands.

Company and All3Media International are adapting the series that first aired in 1972 and ran for five seasons. Midsomer Murders writer Chris Murray is writing a three-part series of feature length episodes.

The show follows a street smart and unapologetic Dutch detective navigates the lively and enigmatic city of Amsterdam, solving mysterious crimes using astute human observation and inspired detection. The original series, which was produced by Thames Television for ITV,
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The CW Sets Summer Schedule, Lines Up Sci-Fi Drama ‘Pandora,’ Taye Diggs Game Show ‘Hypnotize Me’

  • The Wrap
The CW has set premiere dates for five of its returning shows and lined up six new ones to debut this summer.

June will see the return of the Kristin Kreuk-led legal drama “Burden of Truth,” as well as new seasons of unscripted shows “Masters of Illusion,” “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” The network will also add a new show to that list this year with the debut of the non-competitive talent showcase “The Big Stage” on Friday, June, 7.

On Thursday, July 11, the fantasy-adventure series “The Outpost” will return for its second season.

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New shows awaiting their premiere dates from The CW include the U.K. import “Bulletproof,” the Taye Diggs-hosted game show “Hypnotize Me,” the sports docuseries “Red Bull Peaking,” the investigative docuseries “Mysteries Decoded
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The CW Sets Summer Schedule: Six New Series & Dates For Five Returning Shows

  • Deadline
The CW has finalized its summer plans as it continues to push for more year-round programming. The network today revealed its 2019 post-tv season schedule including a half-dozen new series and dates for two returning dramas and three unscripted veterans. The 11 summer premieres is the most ever for the 13-year-old net.

The premiering series are British action drama Bulletproof, starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters; talent-variety showcase The Big Stage; comedy game show Hypnotize Me, hosted by Taye Diggs; the investigate docuseries Mysteries Decoded; space-based action-adventure Pandora; and extreme-sports docuseries Red Bull Peaking. Check out the full sked below, along with details of the new series, which don’t have hard premiere dates yet.

The rookies will join the sophomore runs of legal drama Burden of Truth starring Kristin Kreuk (June 2) and fantasy adventure The Outpost starring Jessica Green (July 11). Also getting dates are the unscripted summer stalwarts Penn & Teller: Fool
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Miptv: 'Midsomer Murders' Writer Boards Cannes-Set Crime Drama

Miptv: 'Midsomer Murders' Writer Boards Cannes-Set Crime Drama
Cannes is set to star in its own series, with Midsomer Murders and Waterloo Road writer Chris Murray on board to develop an English-language crime drama set in the South of France city.

Titled Cannes Confidential, the city's mayor David Lisnard and Midnight Sun producer Patrick Nebout, head of Sweden's Dramacorp, signed a development agreement at a splashy city hall ceremony during CanneSeries, the TV festival Lisnard has backed. The series will shoot in the city in 2020.

Lisnard envisions the city as a character in the 10-part crime series, which will blend the genres of comedy, romance and crime as an ...
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Cannes To Be Backdrop For Crime Drama ‘Cannes Confidential’ With ‘Midsomer Murders’ Chris Murray – Mip TV

Cannes To Be Backdrop For Crime Drama ‘Cannes Confidential’ With ‘Midsomer Murders’ Chris Murray – Mip TV
Exclusive: Cannes itself is to be the background of a new drama from Midsomer Murders writer Chris Murray.

We all know that the home of Mip and the Cannes Film Festival is ripe for a crime drama and Murray is setting Cannes Confidential in the French city. The ten-part series is being developed by Dramacorp, the Stockholm-based production company founded by Patrick Nebout, part of Jan Mojto’s Beta Film, and is a romantic procedural series that blends comedy, mystery and crime detection with a heart-warming love story.

It is co-creator Murray’s latest project, having recently signed on to reboot classic British detective series Van Der Valk starring Mark Warren, which Deadline broke last week,

The show is being given its own press conference from the Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard later this morning. Dramacorp has been granted exclusive access to film in the City of Cannes, which enables
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