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George & Leo
Coxer9919 July 1999
"Odd Couple-like series that had potential because of the chemistry between the two leads. The problem that arose was that for some odd reason, critics and CBS felt there was no room for "old time television." That could have something to do with the stars, being two television legends and with the style of the show, which is similar to "The Odd Couple," and other "buddy, buddy" series. Pity, it was nice to see these guys back on television again.
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What Happened ?
Thor20002 May 2001
It takes just one person to ruin a show, and in this case it was the idiot that cancelled it. Bob Newhart was back in a hit show after his series, Bob, was barely acknowledged. He was joined by Judd Hirsch, another great talent from Dear John and Taxi. The two of them made a successful and hilarious spin on the Odd Couple routine as Hirsch alluded to mob ties he had. His line, "Las Vegas...................Nevada." was hilarious as it annoyed Newhart to no end. The show also starred Jason Bateman, a rare talent barely seen on television. I haven't seen him since It's Your Move or Valerie, two other great shows that were cancelled before their time. Putting the axe to this show was one of the most unjust things that ever occurred to the CBS line-up, but at least that axe man got another job at NBC. How do you think we lost Working, Stark Raving Mad, Unsolved Mysteries and the new Dark Shadows ?
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Classic television
Op_Prime26 December 1999
George and Leo embody classic television themes in a well done manner. The jokes are not like the jokes today's television audiences are familiar with. The jokes are not sex related, but more like something from The Odd Couple or Taxi. CBS really goofed by canning this terrific series. It was great to see Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsch on tv again and it's a shame the show is gone.
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