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Season 4

26 Apr. 1999
Chachi the Chewing Gum Seal/Black Sheep of the Family
In order to prove to Chicken that she is artistic, Cow creates a seal out of chewing gum. Eventually, she wishes that her work of art, affectionately named Chachi, could live, which soon becomes a reality (and then a nightmare when the seal badmouths Cow). / Cow and Chicken's cousin, Black Sheep (who lives up to both sides of his name) has come over for a visit. This is a problem for Mom and Dad, who both run away for the duration of his visit.
27 Apr. 1999
The Big Move/Cow's Magic Blanket
Cow and Chicken are moving home, and remember the great moments they've had at their old house. / Cow still has a security blanket (which happens to be Supercow's cape), but Chicken objects to her still carrying around such an item at her age, which leads to it being thrown out on the way to school. While Cow is depressed, the principal (the Red Guy) decides to torment Flem and Earl.
28 Apr. 1999
Cow's Toys/I Scream, Man
Cow's favourite toys, Crabs the Warthog, Piles the Beaver and Manure the Bear, make their escape out of the house on their own quest: to find "Maiden Hong Kong." / It's coming up to Arbor Day, and Cow and Chicken are wanting some ice cream from the ice cream man (the Red Guy).
29 Apr. 1999
Cloud Nine/I.M. Weasel: Revolutionary Weasel/Send in the Clowns
Chicken wants to ride on a kiddie's jet stationed outside a hardware store, but when he gets the money from Cow, it gets taken away. / Weasel and I.R. (as senior citizens) tell their grandchildren about their ancestors' involvement in the War of Independence. / Dad cannot get along with his new neighbours, who happen to be clowns. Cow falls in love with the clown son when it is learned they go to the same school.
30 Apr. 1999
Major Wedgie/I.M. Weasel: Dream Weasel/The Loneliest Cow
Mom and Dad tell Cow and Chicken how they first met. This involves boot camp and a grumpy superior named Major Wedgie (the Red Guy). / Weasel creates a device that controls people's sleeping patterns and decides to use it in order to help give the public their ability to dream again. / In an effort to escape loneliness, Cow befriends an orange tree stationed in the back garden, much to Chicken's disgust.
7 Nov. 1998
Invisible Cow/I.M. Weasel: I Am Hairstylist/Monster in the Closet
After being sold an invisibility potion by the Red Guy, Cow really believes she is invisible, despite not drinking it. She goes on to cause trouble, which she somehow gets away with. / Weasel and I.R. run one of the best hair salons around. However, the hair police (the Red Guy) soon has a look into this in an attempt to shut them down. / Cow befriends a scary looking monster that lives in her bedroom closet.
4 May 1999
The Full Mounty/Mall Cop
It's "Bring Your Kid to Work" Day, and Cow and Chicken are with Dad at his office, but a Canadian Mountie (the Red Guy) constantly stalks the siblings around the entire building. / Shopping at the mall becomes a problem for Cow when she and Chicken are pursued by a Mall Cop (the Red Guy) for supposed shoplifting.
5 May 1999
Snail Boy/I.M. Weasel: The Magnificent Motorbikini/The Penalty Wheel
Cow and Chicken's cousin, Snail Boy, is coming to their school. He has proven to humiliate them in some ways, such as becoming a model for figure drawing. / Weasel and I.R. test out a new form of transport that's half motorcycle, half bikini, with dramatic (and disastrous) results. / Cow, Chicken, Flem and Earl are all competing in a game show called "You Ben Panced?" hosted by Benjamin Panced (the Red Guy). The challenges are virtually impossible to complete in such a short period of time, resulting in the losers spinning the penalty wheel.
6 May 1999
Chicken's Fairy Tale/I.M. Weasel: I Am Whale Captain/Magic Chicken
Chicken, Flem and Earl find a beanstalk in the back garden and it soon follows a story in the style of "Jack and the Beanstalk". / Travelling by whale, Weasel and I.R. set sail to find a giant octopus. / Chicken hosts a magic show in front of his friends and family. It soon becomes no laughing matter when he makes Cow's udders disappear, which ends up on the Red Guy.
18 Jun. 1999
Cow's Horse/I.M Weasel: The Baboon's Paw/Red Butler
Cow adopts a horse named Blackie, much to the disapproval of Chicken, Mom, and Dad. / After seeing a Monkey's Paw sold in Chinatown, I.R. starts making wishes using the fingers of his hands. / A butler named Hiney (the Red Guy) comes over to serve Cow and Chicken, even in school time.
18 Jun. 1999
Cow's a Beauty/I.M. Weasel: The Sackless Games/Piano Lessons
The Red Guy attempts to enter Cow into a beauty pageant. / Lance Sackless (the Red Guy) creates his own athletic games, with Weasel and I.R. as his only contestants. / The Red Guy gives Cow and Chicken piano lessons in the hopes that they perform well to a sell-out audience.
30 Jun. 1999
Duck, Duck Chicken!/The Great Pantzini
Dr. Hiney (the Red Guy) gives Chicken surgery, transforming him into a duck. / Cow and Chicken are sent to join the circus of Great Pantzini (the Red Guy). He originally has Cow as a trapeze artist, and Chicken as a fire eater, but then settles to have them in as clowns.
24 Jul. 1999
The Cow and Chicken Blues/I.M. Weasel: I Are Good Salesmans/The Ballad of Cow and Chicken
Cow and Chicken are feeling down, and visit their next door neighbor, who happens to be a famous blues musician. Through song, he tells them a wild tale. / Weasel attempts to stop I.R. and the Red Guy from selling wild fire and fire extinguishers respectively door-to-door. / Teacher, Flem and Earl sing a ballad, which involves Cow and Chicken being pursued by the Red Guy.

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