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Season 2

14 Sep. 1998
The Ultimate Thrill
Batman contends with Roxy Rocket, a stuntwoman-turned-criminal who gets a real thrill out of taking dangerous risks.
19 Sep. 1998
A ruined agricultural breeder of dangerously oversized livestock plots his revenge on Gotham City.
18 Sep. 1998
Cult of the Cat
Catwoman is pursued by a fanatical cat themed cult.
26 Sep. 1998
Animal Act
The animals from Nightwing's old circus are now inexplicably committing crimes.
3 Oct. 1998
Old Wounds
Dick Grayson reveals to his successor the secret of the strained relationships with his mentor and Barbara Gordon.
10 Oct. 1998
Legends of the Dark Knight
Several children give their widely varying opinions of who they think Batman is.
17 Oct. 1998
Girl's Night Out
When Livewire escapes in Gotham City, Supergirl and Batgirl team up to find her, but the supervillainess has joined with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy herself.
24 Oct. 1998
Bruce Wayne falls for and marries the perfect woman who has a dark secret.
31 Oct. 1998
Judgment Day
Batman investigates the sudden appearance of "The Judge," a faceless vigilante who battles Gotham City's supervillains with lethal force.
7 Nov. 1998
Beware the Creeper
The Joker throws a reporter into a vat of chemicals and turns him into the manically wacky superhero, The Creeper.
16 Jan. 1999
Mad Love
Harley Quinn tries to impress her love while the origin of her career as The Joker's sidekick is revealed.

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