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Alternate Versions

There is a restored version of this film with bonus footage including a more passionate sex scene between Jemmy and Moll. This version is the only version sold in the UK and the bonus scenes are rumored to have been put on the recent BFS DVD release.
The miniseries was aired on PBS in both its two-part and four-part versions. Currently, the four-part edition deletes some scenes and extends some sexual sequences, but the four-part version aired on PBS was complete.
Although they possess the same cover artwork, the Anchor Bay DVD and VHS releases feature different versions as well. The two-tape VHS edition cuts out the conclusion by Russell Baker from Part 1 and jumps directly to Moll snuffing at the beginning of Part 2. The end credits apply only to Part 2 only, leaving several cast members from Part 1 discredited. The DVD edition features the opening credits again at the beginning of Part 2, and bonus prison footage to lead into Moll snuffing. There are two sets of end credits at the end of Side 2: one for Part 1 and the other for Part 2.
There are two music scores for this film. One by Mark Springer and an award-winning score by Jim Parker. The Mark Springer score can be found on the WGBH Home Video edition and the Jim Parker score can be found on the recent BFS Video edition. Both are excellent scores, but the Jim Parker seems to have a bit more songs and the music is more memorable is sweet, whereas Mark Springer's is dark and noir.

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