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15 Sep. 1996
The People
This series chronicles the saga of the American West, tracing the lives of a diverse cast of characters, from explorers, soldiers and Indian warriors to settlers, railroad builders and gaudy showmen, who share their stories in their own words, through diaries, letters and autobiographical accounts.
16 Sep. 1996
Empire Upon the Trails
In the early 1800's, no one knew who would control the seemingly infinite spaces of the West.
17 Sep. 1996
Speck of the Future
In 1848, a sawmill worker named James Marshall reached down into the stream bed of the American River in California -- and came up with the future of the West in the palm of his hand. He had discovered gold.
18 Sep. 1996
Death Runs Riot
The West had always symbolized hope and new beginnings, but in the 1850s, as more American pioneers poured west to start over, they brought with them the nation's oldest, most divisive issue -- slavery.
19 Sep. 1996
The Grandest Enterprise Under God
After the Civil War reunited North and South, Americans set out with renewed energy and optimism to finally unite the nation, East and West.
20 Sep. 1996
Fight No More Forever
By the 1870s, only a few groups resisted the nation's push to conquer the West.
21 Sep. 1996
The Geography of Hope
The conquest of the West was nearly complete by the 1870s. In one remarkable decade, with Indians effectively confined to reservations, over four million new settlers arrived to stake their claim to the future.
22 Sep. 1996
Ghost Dance
By the late 1880's, American settlers continue to claim tribal lands while the Dawes Act tries to break up the tribal structure of the Native American nations. The Native Americans take up the Ghost Dance putting their faith in religion until their hopes are crushed at the Massacre of Wounded Knee.
22 Sep. 1996
One Sky Above Us
Los Angeles steals its water supply, millions of Mexicans migrate north, and Hollywood begins to shape the West and the nation's image of it.

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