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Bland and toothless, even by family entertainment standards
Wizard-818 January 2016
It eventually becomes clear while watching the made for TV movie "Kansas" that though it has a stand alone story (kind of), it was also made as a pilot for a proposed television series. All I can say to that is that I'm glad the network executives passed on the opportunity. This is the kind of movie that can be summed up simply by stating its musical score mostly consists of a piano slowly being played or a guitar being slowly played. There is no real bite to this movie; it's so slow-moving and with almost no signs of conflict or troubling material in its 93 minute running time. And there are some things in the movie, like the Kenyan exchange student, that are left unfinished since the producers seemingly had the gall to assume that this pilot would be picked up. This is the kind of production that gives the label "family entertainment" a bad name.
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