Rumble in the Bronx (1995) Poster

Jackie Chan: Keung



  • Ah Keung : Don't let the situation change you. Change it.

  • Ah Keung : Don't ever make trouble here. Or I'll beat you up each time. Careful, mind the step.

  • Ah Keung : You don't need diamonds in the bathroom.

  • Ah Keung : You are all garbage!

    [Tony Being Pissed off And Throws A bottle to Keung But Keung Dodge The bottle, A gang member woke Up in His Hammock And Keung Kicks The guy's Face] 

    Tony : [GUNSHOT From Tony's Gun]  This is where it ends. Big Shots.

    Ah Keung : If you got the guts, drop the gun.

    [when Nancy arrived The Fight Between Keung & Tony Has Started to begin] 

  • Ah Keung : [shouts]  Stop! Police! Police! Don't move! I shoot you! Don't move!

  • Ah Keung : You don't need diamonds in the bathroom.

  • Tony : Hold it! Stop.

    [Keung Keeps Fighting Against the gang members by Using ski's] 

    Tony : [GUNSHOT From Tony's Gun]  I said that's enough! OK, you win. Now Go!

    Ah Keung : I don't know what you're thinking. You can spend the rest of your life beating up people and robbing them. Why lower yourself? Don't you know you're the scum of society?

    Ah Keung : I hope next time we meet, We Will not Be Fighting Each Other. Instead we will be drinking tea together.

    [Keung Speaking Mandarin as well as Cantonese to The gang] 

    Tony : What did he say?

    Nancy : Are you all right?

    Ah Keung : Yes

    Nancy : Let me get your jacket for you.

    Ah Keung : Thank You

    Tony : Did he really mean that?

    Tony's Gang Member : Yeah

    Nancy : You know he's right. Sometimes we go too far.

  • Danny : [as Keung pours the real diamonds out and looks at them]  What's the difference between these diamonds and my sister's?

    Ah Keung : I think about 7 million dollar or so.

    Danny : Whoa!

  • Ah Keung : Uncle, you still practise?

    Uncle Bill : That old thing? Your dad gave it to me. Otherwise I'd have used it for firewood long ago.

    [Keung takes A few punches From The dummy] 

    Uncle Bill : I see you kept up.

    Ah Keung : Just sometime.

    [Keeps Punching & Training The wing Chun dummy Until A boy Claps & Cheers Keung for His martial arts skills] 

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