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Alternate Versions

The Australian DVD was taken from the censored European master. A majority of the brutal impact hits of the bottles being hit into Jackie have been removed and cause several continuity errors.
In Spain in only available version on DVD or Blu-ray it's the New Line Cinema cut, with the English dubbing.
For the international release, New Line Cinema made numerous changes, including to the script, the removal of over twenty minutes of footage, re-dubbing the mainly sync-sound dialogue, featuring English and Cantonese, almost all into English, and a new music score. The Hong Kong version opens with Keung leaving the airport. The New Line Cinema version runs the opening credits over footage of his plane arriving in New York. Footage that doesn't appear in the New Line Cinema version:
  • Some conversation between Keung and Uncle Bill in the car.
  • Some shots of Keung making funny gestures at the mirror, unaware that Elaine is watching from behind it.
  • As Elaine is shown around the store, two local punks appear, then extort some money before helping themselves to some things beside the cash register.
  • Some shots during the bike race.
  • Some shots of Keung shouting Uncle Bill to open the door.
  • Conversation between Keung and Elaine at Uncle Bill's wedding is a little longer.
  • The wedding duet from 'Princess Chang Ping', by Uncle Bill and Whitney.
  • Some shots of Keung exercising in the apartment.
  • Some shots from the first scene of the gang stealing from the store, including Keung observing from behind glass.
  • After Keung fends off the gang at the market, he delivers a lecture on Chinese Martial Arts. Elaine couldn't understand it, and therefore, wasn't able translate to the Western store workers.
  • Some shots of Elaine closing the store with Keung's assistance.
  • Some shots when the gang ambush Keung at night.
  • After the scene in which Keung wakes up, he goes to the market, but is met with a cold reception from Elaine. The two extortionists return, but Keung confronts and scares them off. The biker gang re-appear at the store, Keung then quickly leaves to call the police. As he confronts them, the police arrive, prompting the gang to disperse. Keung leaves after trying to tend to a shaken Elaine, who is then helped by a store employee.
  • Some shots of the gang chasing Keung during the day.
  • Some of the conversation between Keung and Danny in the apartment.
  • The same extortionists return to the market and Elaine tries, in vain, to scare them away with a mean look, but is attacked.
  • A frustrated officer tells another, who is smoking a cigar, to "take that piece of dog crap out of your mouth."
  • Elaine shows the market to prospectus buyers.
  • A shot of police observing Angelo as he tries to retrieve the diamonds.
  • Whilst questioned at the apartment, one of the suited men asks Keung if he has seen any diamonds.
  • Some shots when Keung and Nancy are together at night.
  • Some shots when the gang raid the store in retaliation for Nancy and Keung's actions.
  • Some shots when men in suits have two gang members captive.
  • A scene in which Keung and Nancy arrive at the apartment, but Elaine emerges, expressing disdain towards him for what has happened.
  • Some shots of Keung, Nancy and Elaine at the ruined market.
  • Some shots of the fight at the clubhouse.
  • The impassioned speech by Keung to the gang is a little longer.
  • Some shots when the men in suits are at the apartment to retrieve the diamonds.
  • Some shots at the newly-refurbished market.
  • Some shots when Keung is interrogated in the boathouse.
  • Some shots with Keung and the police after escaping from the boathouse.
  • Several shots of the hovercraft and its pursuit.
  • Some shots of White Tiger being chased.
Footage that appears only in the New Line Cinema version:
  • Nancy and Keung outside the nightclub, escaping from the gang.
  • White Tiger receives a telephone call whilst playing golf.
For the VHS and DVD releases in the UK, the BBFC ordered 42 seconds of cuts to the bottle scene. The footage was re-instated for the Blu-ray release.
The Malaysian version is somewhat similar to the Hong Kong version. However, there are some cuts for profane language and gestures, and in one scene, features substituted shots, in which Angelo has his pants up as he moons Keung. Some characters who spoke English, are occasionally dubbed in Cantonese.
The cable station American Movie Channel aired this movie with some additional scenes. Uncle Bill's duet with his new wife is reinstated, as well as the market scene where Keung stares down some extortionists and calls the police on Tony's gang.

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