Get Shorty (1995) Poster


James Gandolfini: Bear


  • Bo Catlett : I'd like to introduce my associate, The Bear. Movie stuntman, champion bodybuilder. Throws out things I don't want.

    Bear : I think you ought to turn around and head back to Miami.

    Chili Palmer : So you're a stuntman, huh?

    Bear : Yeah.

    Chili Palmer : You any good?

    Bear : Am I any good?

    [He turns to Bo, laughing. Chili grabs him by the balls, then throws him down the stairs] 

    Chili Palmer : That's not bad for a guy his size.

  • [after Bo's balcony rail gives way, pitching Bo over the side to the bottom of the canyon] 

    Chili Palmer : How do you think that happened?

    [Bear holds up a handful of screws and nuts] 

    Bear : Beats the shit out of me.

  • Chili Palmer : If you're gonna set somebody up, it's gotta be a surprise, you got that?

    Bear : You spotted them, huh?

    Chili Palmer : What, did you see that work in some movie you got beat up in?

  • [after Chili beats up Bear] 

    Chili Palmer : Bear, look at me. You tell your boss I don't ever want to see him again. And that means he's got to be nowhere near me, Karen, or Harry. You understand?

    [Bear nods] 

    Chili Palmer : Okay, get up. What are you hanging around that guy for, anyway? I mean, you were in the movies, right? You were a stuntman. What's he ever done that he can talk about? You okay?

    Bear : Not too bad.

    Chili Palmer : How about when you fell down the stairs?

    Bear : Pulled my quadriceps.

    Chili Palmer : So how many movies you been in, anyway?

    Bear : About sixty.

    Chili Palmer : No shit. What were some of them?

  • Bo Catlett : You see how he just went over the rail like that? Maybe I could get Chili Palmer up here, and you could fix my balcony to give way like they do in the movies. I invite him to take a look at my view, he leans over the rail, pitches off the balcony into the sweet by-and-by...

    Bear : Cat, that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.

  • Bo Catlett : You get the money?

    Bear : No. What's this?

    Bo Catlett : Plan B.

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