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  • Yes. Several of the actors from The Brady Bunch (1969) appear briefly in the movie installment.

    Barry Williams (Greg Brady) appears as the Music Producer.

    Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) appears as a coach. He originally had longer screen time, but his part was cut down to only four minutes after editing.

    Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) was supposed to have a scene as Cop #3, but it was deleted from the final cut.

    Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) was also supposed to appear as the Reporter for "The Daily Tattler", but her scenes were also deleted from the final cut.

    Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) had a role as the Lemonade Lady, but it was also cut from the movie.

    Ann B. Davis (Alice Nelson) appears as the Shultzy the Trucker.

    Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) has the most recognizable appearance as Grandma Brady. She was originally offered a different cameo role, but was displeased with the role, insisting it wasn't notable enough. Producers then wrote in the role of Grandma Brady, and she graciously accepted.

    There was no reason given for why Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) did not make an cameo.

    Robert Reed (Mike Brady) passed away in 1992 from AIDS complications, therefore his reason for not appearing was obviously explained. Edit (Coming Soon)


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