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The makers of The Brady Bunch Movie have too much affection for the show simply to skewer it with satire. What they’ve done is closer to alchemy: turned this cheese into comic gold.
This is enormous fun, one of the best TV adaptations to date, and guaranteed to provoke a nostalgic misty eye and mischevious grin in anybody who's ever owned a crimplene tank top.
Time Out
Director Thomas (once Sgt Lucy Bates of Hill Street Blues) has recreated '70s sitcom-land with the kind of unerring attention to detail Merchant-Ivory lavish on a society ball, and she's drawn hilariously synthetic performances from a shrewdly cloned cast.
A funny, savvy, camp yet family-friendly look at the Generation-X TV icons.
More successfully silly than non-Brady fans will expect.
As real as the Astroturf in the Brady's backyard and as eager to please as Alice's meat loaf, The Brady Bunch Movie is -- to exhaust this string of metaphors -- pure junk food. But like most junk food, it sure tastes good.
Part homage, part spoof, the deft balancing act is a clever adaptation -- albeit culled from less than pedigreed source material.
The film establishes a bland, reassuring, comforting Brady reality - a certain muted tone that works just fine but needs, I think, a bleaker contrast from outside to fully exploit the humor.
The length is the film's undoing. No matter how tantalizing the premise, overexposure leads inevitably to boredom.
The movie manages to be painless and pointless in equal measure.

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