Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series 1995–2001) Poster


Garrett Wang: Harry Kim, Ensign Harry Kim, Ensign Kymble



  • Harry Kim : When I think about everything we've been through together, maybe it's not the destination that matters, maybe it's the journey, and if that journey takes a little longer, so we can do something we all believe in, I can't think of any place I'd rather be or any people I'd rather be with.

    Tom Paris : To the journey.

    Chakotay : Hear here.

  • Harry Kim : Didn't we already pass a tri-nary system like this?

    Chakotay : Not that I remember, why?

    Harry Kim : It just seems familiar.

    Tuvok : Perhaps you are experiencing a paradoxical state dependant associative phenomenon.

    Harry Kim : [puzzled look] 

    Captain Janeway : Déjà vu!

  • Captain Janeway : Mr Kim, can you give me an estimate on repairing the dilithium matrix?

    Harry Kim : How does 72 hours sound?

    Captain Janeway : Like 24 hours too long.

  • B'Elanna Torres : Get some rest, Harry.

    Harry Kim : You may think you're tougher than everybody else, B'Elanna Torres, but I can go without sleep just as long as you can.

    B'Elanna Torres : Don't make me laugh, Starfleet. And don't make me pull rank on you, either.

  • Tom Paris : I think I'm in trouble.

    Harry Kim : What's new?

    Tom Paris : I think I'm in love.

    Harry Kim : What's new?

  • Harry Kim : Holographic Americans are invading deck 7!

  • Tom Paris : [while ordering tomato soup from a replicator in the Mess Hall Tom sees Harry at a table with the ship's original doctor and first officer Cavit and when he moves over to join them Cavit and the Doctor get up and leave]  There, you see? I told you it wouldn't take long.

    Harry Kim : Is it true?

    Tom Paris : Was the accident my fault? Yes, pilot error. But it took me awhile to admit it.

    [Tom tries some of the soup but it tastes revolting] 

    Tom Paris : Oh, 14 varieties and they can't even get plain tomato soup right.

    Harry Kim : [Harry steers the conversation back to the matter at hand]  They said you falsified reports.

    Tom Paris : That's right.

    Harry Kim : Why?

    Tom Paris : What's the difference? I lied.

    Harry Kim : But then you came forward and you admitted that it was your fault?

    Tom Paris : I'll tell you the truth, Harry. All I had to do was keep my mouth shut and I was home free. But I couldn't. The ghosts of those three dead officers came to me in the middle of the night and taught me the true meaning of Christmas. So, I confessed. Worst mistake I ever made but not my last. After they cashiered me out of Starfleet I went out looking for a fight and found the Maquis. And on my first assignment, I was caught.

    Harry Kim : It must have been especially tough for you, being the son of an admiral.

    Tom Paris : Frankly, I think it was tougher on my father than it was on me.

    [Tom gets up to leave] 

    Tom Paris : Look, I know those guys told you to stay away from me. And you know what? You oughta' listen to them. I'm not exactly a good luck charm.

    Harry Kim : I don't need anyone to choose my friends for me.

  • Harry Kim : [commenting on Paris' fighting technique]  You punch like a Ferengi.

  • Harry Kim : That'll tear the ship apart.

    Chakotay : Then tear her apart!

  • Harry Kim : [very mad about Paris changing his holographic date into a cow]  Tom!

    Harry Kim : Don't you have anything better to do?

    Tom Paris : Oh, boy. She really turned on you.

    Harry Kim : Ha-ha, very funny.

    Harry Kim : I could have been trampled.

    Tom Paris : Relax. Harry the holodeck safeties are on.

    Harry Kim : All right, all right you've had her fun. Now change her back.

  • B'Elanna Torres : [while in the Mess Hall]  Its the pylon again. Every time we get close to crossing the threshold... the subspace torque rips the nacelle off the shuttle.

    Harry Kim : What about a duranium alloy? We could try using it to reinforce...?

    B'Elanna Torres : No, I've thought about that already. It's too brittle.

    Neelix : [Neelix comes over to they're table, which is covered with technical PADD's]  More coffee?

    [they all lift they're mugs] 

    Neelix : Ah... you look like a happy bunch.

    Harry Kim : We've hit a wall.

    Neelix : Oh, well... maybe I can help?

    Tom Paris : Great! You know anything about quantum warp theory or multispectral subspace engine design?

    Neelix : No, but I'm a quick study.

    [takes a seat] 

    Neelix : What are we working on?

    B'Elanna Torres : [she thinks this problem is out of Neelix's league]  Do you have anything to eat?

    Neelix : Er, sure. There are some Kalavian biscuits somewhere in the kitchen.

    B'Elanna Torres : I guess I'll go find them myself.

    [to Harry] 

    B'Elanna Torres : Fill em' in.

    Harry Kim : [clears his throat, trying to phrase this delicately]  Neelix, it would take too long to...

    Neelix : What are you saying? I'm not smart enough? I'll have you know I did two years as an engineer's assistant aboard a Trabalean freighter. I'm well versed in warp theory.

    Tom Paris : Ok. Ok. We'll tell you. We're trying to break the maximum warp barrier.

    Harry Kim : Nothing in the universe can go warp 10 - it's a theoretical impossibility. In principle, if you were ever to reach warp 10, you'd be travelling at infinite velocity.

    Neelix : Infinite velocity? Got it! So... that, that means... very fast?

    Tom Paris : [that is an understatement]  It means that you would occupy every point in the universe simultaneously. In theory, you could go any place in the wink of an eye. Time and distance would have no meaning.

    Harry Kim : If Voyager achieved warp 10... we could be home in as long as it takes to push a button.

    Neelix : Wow! And you're working on this?

    Tom Paris : We discovered a new form of dilithium in the asteroid field we surveyed last month. It remains stable at a much higher warp frequency.

    Harry Kim : The problem is... every time we simulate crossing the transwarp threshold... the nacelles get torn off the ship.

    Neelix : I remember there was a time when I lost a warp nacelle going through a dark matter nebula.

    Tom Paris : This is a very different problem.

    Neelix : I realise that. I'm just using it as an example. As the ship went through the nebula, it sent out a dark matter bow wave. Eventually, so much pressure built up it tore the nacelle from its housing. Now, maybe the same thing is happening to you?

    [that's got Tom thinking about something] 

    Harry Kim : No, the simulations don't indicate any kind of subspace stress in the nacelles.

    Tom Paris : Wait a minute. What about the shuttle itself?

    Harry Kim : What do you mean?

    Tom Paris : [getting excited]  Maybe we've been looking in the wrong place? What if the nacelles aren't being torn from the ship? What if the ship is being torn from the nacelles?

    Harry Kim : The hull of the shuttle is made of tritanium alloy. At the speeds we're talking about... that alloy could depolarise...

    Tom Paris : ...and create a velocity differential. The fuselage would be travelling at a faster rate of speed than the nacelles.

    Harry Kim : [Tom's enthusiasm is catching]  That means we just have to set up a depolarisation matrix around the fuselage.

    Tom Paris : That's it! Neelix, you're a genius!

    [they both give Neelix a pat on the back before leaving the Mess Hall] 

    Neelix : [to himself]  I have no idea what they just said.

    [Neelix passes B'Elanna on his way back to the kitchen, taking a biscuit from the tray she's holding, leaving her wondering what went on while she was gone] 

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