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Jeri Ryan: Seven of Nine, Three of Eight, Two of Three



  • Seven of Nine : Fun will now commence.

  • B'Elanna Torres : How the hell do you know when we're having intimate relations?

    Seven of Nine : There is no one on deck 9 section 12 who does not know when you're having intimate relations.

  • Seven of Nine : You will be assimilated.

    Neelix : No time for that now. Maybe later.

  • The Doctor : Seven. Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

    Seven of Nine : I have a date.

  • Seven of Nine : You would deny us the choice as you deny us now. You have imprisoned us in the name of humanity yet you will not grant us your most cherished human right - to choose our own fate. You are hypocritical, manipulative. We do not want to be what you are. Return us to the Collective!

    Captain Janeway : You lost the capacity to make a rational choice the moment you were assimilated. They took that from you. And until I am convinced you've gotten it back, I'm making the choice for you. You're staying here.

    Seven of Nine : Then you are no different from the Borg.

  • The Doctor : Small talk is a vital dating skill. It helps to establish a rapport with your companion.

    Seven of Nine : Perhaps there's something to be said for assimilation after all.

  • Borg Queen : They've left behind their trivial selfish lives and been reborn with a greater purpose. We've delivered them from chaos into order.

    Seven of Nine : Comforting words. Use them next time instead of "resistance is futile". You may elicit a few volunteers.

  • [a dying Borg drone speaks to Seven, who is visibly distressed] 

    Seven of Nine : You are hurting me.

    One : You will adapt.

  • The Doctor : You're a woman, Seven.

    Seven of Nine : Is that an observation or a diagnosis?

  • Seven of Nine : [examining the clothing the Doctor chose for her]  I am unfamilliar with how to wear such a garment.

    [goes to un-do her zipper] 

    Seven of Nine : Assist me.

    The Doctor : [backing away slowly]  I think you'll manage...

  • Seven of Nine : "Impossible" is a word that humans use far too often.

  • Seven of Nine : Two hours, thirty seven minutes, thirteen seconds.

    Tuvok : [puzzled look] 

    Seven of Nine : That's how long we've gone without verbal communication.

    Tuvok : Why is that remarkable?

    Seven of Nine : The doctor encourages me to engage in conversation during awkward silences.

    Tuvok : Did you find the silence awkward?

    Seven of Nine : No.

    Tuvok : Nor did I.

  • Icheb : [looking at his tricorder readings after B'lanna becomes disoriented]  I'm detecting another lifesign.

    Seven of Nine : [looking around engineering]  Where?

    Icheb : Inside Lieutenant Torres, it might be a parasite.

    Seven of Nine : [tapping her comm badge to contact the doctor]  Seven of Nine to the doctor, I will be accompanying Lieutenant Torres to sickbay.

    The Doctor : What's wrong?

    Seven of Nine : I believe she's pregnant.

  • Seven of Nine : Your appeal to my humanity is pointless.

  • The Doctor : Seven of Nine, how's my favorite Borg today?

    Seven of Nine : Annoyed.

  • Seven of Nine : You are individuals. You are small and you think in small terms.

  • Seven of Nine : I understand the concept of humor. It may not be apparent but I am often amused by human behavior.

  • Seven of Nine : Take me back to my own kind!

    Captain Janeway : You ARE with your own kind - humans.

    Seven of Nine : I don't remember being human. I don't know what it is to be human!

  • Seven of Nine : [to Janeway]  Your attempts to assimilate this drone will fail. You can alter our physiology but you cannot change our nature. We will betray you. We are Borg.

  • Seven of Nine : [Janeway and Seven are behind a forcefield on the bridge of the Dauntless, an alien ship disguised as a Starfleet vessel with Arturis, their deceiver at the helm]  Where are you taking us?

    Arturis : [without turning around]  Home.

    Captain Janeway : How'd you create the Starfleet Bridge? Holograms?

    Arturis : Particle synthesis. Beyond your understanding.

    Captain Janeway : Is this what your people do? Prey on innocent ships?

    Arturis : Innocent? Typical of Captain Janeway... self-righteous.

    Captain Janeway : [that gives Janeway pause for thought]  If I've offended you or your people in some way... please tell me.

    Arturis : [wheeling around]  Diplomacy, Captain? Your diplomacy destroyed my world!

    Captain Janeway : [aghast]  What? What are you saying?

    Arturis : [slowly approaches them both]  You negotiated an agreement with the Borg Collective - safe passage through they're space... and in return, you helped them defeat one of they're enemies.

    Seven of Nine : Species 8472.

    Arturis : In your colourful language, yes... Species 8472.

    [back to Janeway] 

    Arturis : Did it ever occur to you that there were those of us in the Delta Quadrant with a vested interest in that war?

    [months of suppressed anger now comes pouring out of him] 

    Arturis : Victory would have meant annihilation of the Borg... but you couldn't see beyond the bow of your own ship!

    Captain Janeway : In my estimation, Species 8472 posed a greater threat than the Borg.

    Arturis : Who were you to make that decision? A stranger to this quadrant!

    Captain Janeway : There wasn't exactly time to take a poll - I had to act quickly.

    Arturis : My people managed to elude the Borg for centuries. Outwitting them... always one step ahead. But in recent years, the Borg began to weaken our defences... they were closing in... and Species 8472 was our last hope to defeat them. You took that away from us! The outer colonies were the first to fall. 23 in a matter of hours. Our sentry vessels tossed aside... no defence against the storm... and by the time they had surrounded our star system... hundreds of Cubes... we had already surrendered to our own terror. A few of us managed to survive. 10... 20,000. I was fortunate. I escaped with a vessel. Alone... but alive.

    [pointing at Seven but still talking to Janeway] 

    Arturis : I don't blame them. They were just drones... acting with they're collective instinct. You... you had a choice!

    Captain Janeway : [more sympathetic now]  I'm sorry for what happened to your people but try to understand... I couldn't have known.

    Arturis : It took me months to find you. I watched... and waited for my opportunity to make you pay for what you'd done. Then, the Starfleet message... and I knew that you're selfish desire to get home would surface again. That I could lure you to this vessel... that I could see to it that you'd all be assimilated and spend the rest of eternity as Borg. I was hoping to get your entire crew... but I'll settle for the two of you.

    [he returns to the helm] 

    Arturis : In a matter of hours, this ship will return to my homeworld... inside Borg space.

    Seven of Nine : When that happens, you will be assimilated as well.

    Arturis : That's irrelevant.

    [to Seven] 

    Arturis : This is what you wanted all along, isn't it... to go back to your Collective? You should thank me.

    [focuses all his attention on piloting the Dauntless now, oblivious to a worried Janeway and a pensive Seven] 

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