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Robert Picardo: The Doctor, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, Equinox EMH, ECH, EMH Mark I



  • The Doctor : As appealing as that sounds, I'm a doctor, not a dragonslayer.

  • The Doctor : Seven. Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

    Seven of Nine : I have a date.

  • Seska : I won't play these games with the trick of light.

    The Doctor : Sticks and stones won't break my bones, so you can imagine how I feel about being called names.

  • [during the birth of B'Elanna's baby] 

    The Doctor : Will you relax?

    B'Elanna Torres : If you tell me to relax one more time, I'm going to rip your holographic head off!

    The Doctor : I hope you don't intend to kiss your baby with that mouth.

  • The Doctor : Small talk is a vital dating skill. It helps to establish a rapport with your companion.

    Seven of Nine : Perhaps there's something to be said for assimilation after all.

  • Kes : On my home-world it's much simpler. You choose a mate for life. There's no distrust, no envy, no betrayal.

    The Doctor : Your world must have very dry literature.

  • Neelix : I feel like I'm all alone.

    The Doctor : You *are* all alone. I'm only a holographic projection.

  • The Doctor : The Borg: party-poopers of the galaxy.

  • The Doctor : Please state the nature of the medical - oh, it's you.

  • The Doctor : You're a woman, Seven.

    Seven of Nine : Is that an observation or a diagnosis?

  • The Doctor : All of us have violent instincts. We have evolved from predators. Well, not me, of course. I've been programmed by you predators.

  • The Doctor : Between impulse and action, there is a world of good taste begging for your acquaintance.

  • [repeated line] 

    The Doctor : Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

  • [Dr. Zimmerman talking to his EMH] 

    Dr. Zimmerman : Reginald was right about you. You have exceeded the sum of your program. You've accomplished far more than I could have ever predicted. But let's face facts, you never overcame the inherent flaws in your personality subroutine. You're arrogant. Irritable. A JERK, as Counsellor Troi would say.

    The Doctor : I believe she was describing you as well.

    Dr. Zimmerman : Don't change the subject.

  • The Doctor : [to Seven about Icheb]  Not to worry. I'll make it clear to him that persistence is futile.

  • Seven of Nine : [examining the clothing the Doctor chose for her]  I am unfamilliar with how to wear such a garment.

    [goes to un-do her zipper] 

    Seven of Nine : Assist me.

    The Doctor : [backing away slowly]  I think you'll manage...

  • The Doctor : You heard the man. Run along. I'll reattach any severed limbs, just don't misplace them.

  • Neelix : Kaplagh!

    The Doctor : Tallyho.

  • The Doctor : Choose the word that would best describe your pain: burning, throbbing, piercing, pinching, biting, stinging, shooting.

  • Icheb : [looking at his tricorder readings after B'lanna becomes disoriented]  I'm detecting another lifesign.

    Seven of Nine : [looking around engineering]  Where?

    Icheb : Inside Lieutenant Torres, it might be a parasite.

    Seven of Nine : [tapping her comm badge to contact the doctor]  Seven of Nine to the doctor, I will be accompanying Lieutenant Torres to sickbay.

    The Doctor : What's wrong?

    Seven of Nine : I believe she's pregnant.

  • The Doctor : I'll complain if I want to. It's comforting.

  • Kes : Is something wrong?

    The Doctor : Yes. Terribly wrong. Your brain is not on file.

  • The Doctor : I'm a Doctor, not a counterinsurgent.

  • [to Seska about lying] 

    The Doctor : I was inspired by the presence of a Master.

  • The Doctor : Seven of Nine, how's my favorite Borg today?

    Seven of Nine : Annoyed.

  • [During the birth of B'Elanna's baby] 

    The Doctor : Klingon deliveries can sometimes take days...

    [B'Elanna grabs him and screams] 

    The Doctor : But I'm sure that won't be the case here.

  • Captain Janeway : Doctor, I forgot about you.

    The Doctor : How flattering.

  • [convinced he's dying] 

    Tom Paris : Here lies Thomas Eugene Paris, beloved mutant.

    The Doctor : You're too stubborn to die, Mr. Paris.

  • The Doctor : You should know I'm a hologram and can't be bent, spindled, or mutilated, so don't bother trying.

  • The Doctor : [to Tuvok]  You're on your way back to being normal. Although I'm not sure how the word "normal" applies to a species that suppresses all their emotions.

  • Dr. Zimmerman : The last beautiful woman who walked in here turned out to be him.

    The Doctor : I'll take that as a compliment.

  • [the Doctor sees the bridge for the first time] 

    The Doctor : Well... it's bigger than I thought.

  • Kes : You've never been sick or in pain. I just wish once in your life you could know what it's like, how it makes you feel vulnerable, and little, and frail. Then you'd understand.

    The Doctor : I don't have a life. I have a program.

  • The Doctor : I programmed myself with the symptoms of a 29-hour Levodian flu. Thus I will gain the experience that you suggest would be beneficial to the performance of my duties.

    [sneezes, and grabs a tissue] 

    The Doctor : Holographic tissue paper for the holographic runny nose. Don't offer them to patients.

    [blows his nose] 

    The Doctor : Hmmm. Interesting sensation, blowing one's nose. It's my first time.

  • Tom Paris : OK, everybody! Place your bets!

    [holds out black top hat] 

    Seamus Driscol : Three bob on Liam!

    [puts money in top hat] 

    Tom Paris : Three bob it is.

    The Doctor : Five shillings on Liam.

    [puts money in top hat] 

    Tom Paris : Awww, you'll hurt Harry's feelings.

    The Doctor : Oh, very well.

    [takes money from top hat] 

    The Doctor : Two shillings on Mr Kim and I'll pray for a miracle.

  • Dr. Zimmerman : [the Doctor]  It... he, means a great deal to you, doesn't he?

    Kes : Yes, "he" does.

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