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Robert Beltran: Chakotay, Commander Chakotay, Commander Katanay



  • Harry Kim : When I think about everything we've been through together, maybe it's not the destination that matters, maybe it's the journey, and if that journey takes a little longer, so we can do something we all believe in, I can't think of any place I'd rather be or any people I'd rather be with.

    Tom Paris : To the journey.

    Chakotay : Hear here.

  • Harry Kim : Didn't we already pass a tri-nary system like this?

    Chakotay : Not that I remember, why?

    Harry Kim : It just seems familiar.

    Tuvok : Perhaps you are experiencing a paradoxical state dependant associative phenomenon.

    Harry Kim : [puzzled look] 

    Captain Janeway : Déjà vu!

  • Chakotay : ...If Neelix has another Talent Night I hope you'll reprise it.

    Captain Janeway : Oh no, not until certain other people take their turn, the ship's first officer, for instance.

    Chakotay : Me, get up in front of people and perform? I don't think so.

    Captain Janeway : Come on, Chakotay. There must be some talent you have that people would enjoy. Maybe I could stand with an apple on my head and you could phaser it off.

    Chakotay : Sounds great. If I miss I get to be captain.

  • [Outake from the episode "Worst Case Scenario"] 

    Tom Paris : It's Paris and Janeway!

    Chakotay : How do you know?

  • Chakotay : You were working for her. She was working for them. Was anyone on that ship working for me?

  • Chakotay : [loudly]  You've made this one lousy day for me Torres.

  • Chakotay : [referring to the the sensor scans he just took of that section]  I'm detecting two life signs in the aeroponics bay. The sensors must be malfunctioning, they're both reading as Kes.

  • Jarvin : In case you want to take over the ship... you have our full support.

    Chakotay : If I ever hear you talk that way again, I will personally throw you in the brig for mutiny.

  • Captain Janeway : [tapping her comm badge after the ship shakes]  Janeway to Bridge.

    Chakotay : We're under attack, Captain.

    Captain Janeway : I'm on my way.

    Leonardo da Vinci hologram : Earthquakes... and idiots.

    Leonardo da Vinci hologram : Florence be damned.

  • Chakotay : Captain.

    Captain Janeway : Is there something wrong?

    Chakotay : I wanted to talk to you about Lieutenant Paris. His attitude lately has been less than professional.

    Captain Janeway : I've noticed.

    Chakotay : I know crew discipline's my responsibility, but in this case I thought I should let you get involved before I took any action. In a way, Paris has been your personal reclamation project.

    Captain Janeway : I appreciate your bringing this to my attention, Commander, but I trust you to handle the problem any way you see fit.

  • Harry Kim : That'll tear the ship apart.

    Chakotay : Then tear her apart!

  • [Paris wants to use a shuttle for a dangerous rescue mission] 

    Chakotay : You don't mind if the rest of us give you a little help, do you, Paris? I'd hate to lose another shuttle.

    Tom Paris : Your concern for my welfare is heart-warming.

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