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8 Mar. 1996
Fathers Ted, Dougal, and Jack take a holiday in a borrowed caravan.
15 Mar. 1996
Think Fast, Father Ted
Having to fix a roof leak, Father Ted tries a raffle to raise money.
22 Mar. 1996
Tentacles of Doom
Craggy Island gets a visit by three bishops who have come to upgrade a local holy relic.
29 Mar. 1996
Old Grey Whistle Theft
Father Ted and Jack go on a picnic, while Dougal makes friends with a local bad boy priest.
5 Apr. 1996
A Song for Europe
Father Ted and Dougal enter their song, "My Lovely Horse", into the Euro Song 96 contest.
12 Apr. 1996
The Plague
Bishop Len visits Craggy Island during a rabbit infestation.
19 Apr. 1996
Rock a Hula Ted
Father Ted hosts the "Lovely Girls Festival 96" , while Dougal gives the house away to a visiting feminist.
26 Apr. 1996
Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading
Father Ted, Dougal and Jack try to give up their vices for Lent.
3 May 1996
New Jack City
Father Ted and Dougal mistakenly celebrate when a sick Jack leaves, only to be replaced by someone worse.
10 May 1996
Flight into Terror
While flying home from a trip with a group of priests, Father Ted's plane encounters trouble.
24 Dec. 1996
A Christmassy Ted
Father Ted wins the "Golden Cleric", for saving a fellow group of priests from an embarrassing situation.

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