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5 Jan. 2000
Drew and the Racial Tension Play
At a Winfrid-Lauder fashion show, Drew has arranged for Board Member to speak whose insensitive speech creates a uproar and everyone blames Drew. To counter the problem e uses a company resource book for a play to promote sensitivity.
12 Jan. 2000
Kate Works for Drew
There is a new management team at Winfred-Lauder and Drew is told he can hire an assistant. He reluctantly hires Kate but her abrupt manner causes problems and Drew is forced to fire her.
2 Feb. 2000
Mimi Moves In
New management at Winfrid-Lauder fires Mimi so she and Steve buy an RV trailer for a move to near Dollywood. Drew is careless and lets the truck get stolen so the trailer stays in his backyard. Life with Mimi breaks Drew but he has a plan.
9 Feb. 2000
Do Drew and Kate Have Sex?
Kate tells Drew she's ready to take the next step. But when they get together, Drew's insecurity goes over the top because Kate says that an unsuccessful experience could ruin the relationship. They try again but Drew sprains an appendage.
16 Feb. 2000
I Dishonestly Love You
Drew jeopardizes his relationship with Kate by hiring his ex-girlfriend Wendy as his assistant.
23 Feb. 2000
Drew Goes to Hell
Management wants Drew to hire the new regional manager but refuses his request to be Human resources manager. Wick offers him the position of store manager if he is picked for the position. Drew agrees and finds he's dealing with the devil.
1 Mar. 2000
What's Wrong with This Episode III
Drew wants to sell Buzz Beer to his new boss who wants to set up his brother-in-law with a business. However, Drew has a difficult time convincing the rest of the gang to sell. Episode intentionally has many errors for viewers to identify.
22 Mar. 2000
The Gang Stops Drinking
Mimi puts Antabuse in a big cookie and gives it to Drew, making it seem to be from Winfred-Louder. Unaware, Drew shares it with the gang. In forced sobriety, Lewis and Oswald meet former alcoholic women and Drew pops a big question to Kate.
29 Mar. 2000
Oswald's Son
Oswald hears from a girlfriend who tells him they have a son from their teenage years. But before they meet, Drew sees him and notices he bears a strong resemblance to Lewis. Upon questioning, Lewis comes clean but is he really the dad?
12 Apr. 2000
Mr. Wick Returns
Wick returns as a mail boy and vows to Drew he's scheming to take back store manager from him. Mimi uncovers his scheme but Drew still gets sabotaged. Drew makes an unexpected alliance against this foe and then a golden opportunity arises.
26 Apr. 2000
Kate vs. Speedy
Because their schedules clash, Kate moves in with Drew but sees Speedy as deliberately interfering with her time with Drew. After Kate has Drew put Speedy outside there is an incident and Drew brings an animal psychologist that Lewis knows.
3 May 2000
Beer Ball
When Drew discovers that Winfred-Louder has a softball team they haven't let him join, he starts his own open-to-all company team. Steve taunts him from the opposite team so they agree to play each other in a beer-a-base game.
10 May 2000
Drew and Kate Boink
Realizing that he's healed "down there," Drew lets Kate know, but she's come to realize that she's been terrible to all her past loves; Oswald has started a group for them. Episode ends with some over-the-top Fellini-style symbolism.
17 May 2000
A Very Special Drew
Drew laments the show's lack of Emmy's but vows no tear-jerking story. Kate is rushed to the hospital and lapses into a coma. Lewis agonizes in single-spotlight soliloquies about his insensitivity. Oswald is a kleptomaniac. Mimi is OCD.
4 Oct. 2000
Drew Pops Something on Kate
Drew proposes marriage to Kate and she accepts. Mr Wick makes a mistake so he fires Drew. Drew decides to make it an opportunity to get his ideal job. Kate also gets a new job.
18 Oct. 2000
Be Drew to Your School
Drew flashes back to his high school years, while Kate, Lewis, and Oswald reflect on how each is to blame for ruining Drew's life.
25 Oct. 2000
Drew's Inheritance
Drew's rich Uncle Cecil, a movie buff, dies, leaving $10,000 to Drew on the condition--based on Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances"--that he get married within 72 hours. Drew and Kate are already engaged, so a quick wedding should be simple, except that Oswald and Lewis get involved, and things go haywire.
1 Nov. 2000
Mimi's a Partner
Mimi wins a partnership in Buzz Beer at Drew's kitchen table poker game, and she makes changes in the company. Then the crew discovers $2000 missing from the till.
8 Nov. 2000
Drew Live II
Drew tells Lewis and Oswald of secret shopper jobs so they quit their current jobs. Then Drew learns there is only 1 position so the 2 compete. Many "Whose Line Is It?" cast appear doing improv dialogue and songs and Jay Leno appears.
15 Nov. 2000
The Pregnancy Scare
Drew wants kids and Kate doesn't, which strains their relationship.
22 Nov. 2000
Drew and the Trail Scouts
Drew and Wick get a sham civil union in Vermont so Drew can get his job back and Wick can stay in the US. But the sham marriage threatens Drew's involvement with a Trail Scout troop.
29 Nov. 2000
Drew and Kate Become Friends
To cheer up Drew, Steve introduces him to Jenny. They hit it off but then Steve reveals Jenny is Mimi's cousin. Kate discovers Drew has moved on and gets drunk with Wick. Drew and Jenny go back to Drew's place, as well as Kate and Wick.
6 Dec. 2000
Drew Can't Carey a Tune
To raise money for his boss's church Drew volunteers to sing for a talent show.
13 Dec. 2000
Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer
For a beer trade show, Lewis checks out a drinking bear from DrugCo to promote Buzz beer. The bear has its own ideas.
20 Dec. 2000
Fetal Attraction
Drew has a date with a pregnant woman who takes it more seriously than a single date. Lewis and Oswald deal with the tyrannical store Santa.

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