Tales from the Far Side (TV Short 1994) Poster

(1994 TV Short)

Alternate Versions

The home video version runs five minutes longer than the version that premiered on TV. The end credits do not begin with a shot of the aliens and the credits have been slowed, stretching the running time from 30 seconds to three minutes. The video includes two additional scenes: -Following "The Bacon Bunch," the camera pans into the jungle, where a peg-legged African tribesman relays to two children the story of a journey down they river in which he encountered a large-headed white tourist. The tourist then relays the story to a group of white kids around the campfire. -Between the exploding kid and old west scenes, there's an additional gag with an innocent carrot who's plucked from the ground and eaten.
In the original TV version, there was no narration over the zombie camping scene; in the VHS version, there is. In the original TV version, the ending scene finishes with the exploding child dolls on the roadway, randomly exploding every few seconds; in the VHS version, the dolls are replaced with rakes.

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