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Season 1

1 Oct. 1994
Hell No' They Wont Go
Gene won't let the twin boys go to pre-school and Annie wants him to be taughter on them.
8 Oct. 1994
All in the Game
Despite their age difference an out of shape Gene has a hard time keeping up with his sons' soccer coach.
15 Oct. 1994
No Kids Allowed
Gene and Annie have no choice to take their boys to a no kids allowed party. Gene's kids get blamed for something he did by mistake and the hosts don't believe him and causes a family and friend fight.
22 Oct. 1994
Buster Beefy
Gene wants to throw an amazing unforgettable birthday party for the twins.
6 Dec. 1994
Love Native American Style
Gene trusts Annie around a handsome young and strong contractor while Gene helps with a camping trip with the boys. Annie has a hard time trusting Gene with the beautiful and young Donna after hearing about her bad history and Donna is on this camping trip too.
20 Dec. 1994
Holy Water
Things get better from worse when Gene thinks he can do plumbing and remodeling the bathroom.
3 Jan. 1995
The Ex Files
Things get odd when Gene's ex wife shows up in town.
10 Jan. 1995
For the Boys
Gene and Annie are annoyed by their sons' friend's mother.
17 Jan. 1995
Family Tie
Gene is afraid of dying especially when he sees a neck tie his son made him on another deadman's body at a funeral.
31 Jan. 1995
Sleepless in Stockbridge
Annie and Gene are in a rut and try to experiment with different love ideas. After sending their boys away for the night they are distracted by everyone else in the Neighborhood.
14 Feb. 1995
Love at First Flight
Last minute passengers Gene and Annie arrive on a plane and have to be separated due to no seats available together. Gene and Annie tells story on how they 1st met on a plane.
7 Mar. 1995
Bergman of Alcatraz
Jack's ex con of a son comes home and tries to better himself once and for all.
14 Mar. 1995
Hanging with Mr. Cooper
Gene and Annie are furious with their new, loud neighbor. However, Annie has a change of heart when the neighbor is revealed to be Alice Cooper.

 Season 1 

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