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3 Mar. 1997
Mute of Malice
An army chaplain is accused of killing his brother after returning home from duty in Bosnia, but he will or cannot speak in his own defense.
10 Mar. 1997
Blood Money
The widow of an accident victim who unexpectedly dies from a heart attack during surgery suspects malpractice and asks Kavanagh to represent her.
17 Mar. 1997
Ancient History
A new law suspending the statute of limitations on war atrocities has Kavanagh prosecuting a Polish doctor who stands accused of war crimes.
24 Mar. 1997
Diplomatic Baggage
An influential government minister takes a great interest in Kavanagh's case of an ambassador's daughter accused of murdering a blackmailing tabloid journalist.
7 Apr. 1997
The Ties That Bind
Kavanagh agrees to take on a private prosecution against Ian Vincent who is believed to have beaten 17-year old Graham Foster to death for having stolen a briefcase from his car. Vincent's stepfather, Ron Baab, heads a crime family and tries to buy everyone off with both money and veiled threats. There is little solid evidence and the case relies primarily on Graham's girlfriend who has also been threatened. In Chambers meanwhile, Aldermarten is anxiously awaiting the results of his application to join an exclusive mens club to which Peter Foxcott is a member.
14 Apr. 1997
In God We Trust
Kavanagh goes to Florida to help former protégé Julie Piper, now married and pregnant in Florida, with a death penalty appeal with racial overtones.

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