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Season 2

4 Sep. 1995
Leader of the Pack
The Pack are freed from prison by Coyote and plot to strike against the Manhattan Clan.
5 Sep. 1995
A number of victims, including Elisa's brother, are turned into winged animal people by Dr. Anton Sevarius and they think the Manhattan Clan shares responsibility.
6 Sep. 1995
Coldstone returns. They soon learn Coldstone is not just one gargoyle, he is a combination of three distinct gargoyles. They all need help against a menace that fights from within.
7 Sep. 1995
A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time
While the Clan opposes MacBeth's attempt to steal the Scrolls of Merlin, Hudson gets some help from a new and highly literate friend.
11 Sep. 1995
The Mirror
Demona gets a hold of Titania's mirror. She uses it to summon Puck, one of Oberon's children, who's also a trickster and grants her wishes but not in the way she expects.
12 Sep. 1995
The Silver Falcon
Elisa and Broadway investigate the disappearance of her new partner, Matt Bluestone.
13 Sep. 1995
Eye of the Beholder
Xanatos proposes to Fox, he gives her the Eye of Odin as an engagement gift. The Eye causes Fox to undergo a transformation, Xanatos tries to help her on his own, but when that fails, he tries to manipulate the gargoyles. Are the gargoyles willing to help Xanatos after all he's done to them?
14 Sep. 1995
Xanatos asks Goliath to his best man at his wedding, he also arranges for Demona to be the maid of honor. Goliath reluctantly shows up at the wedding, Demona uses the phoenix gate to transport the wedding party to the past, where she tries to alter history.
18 Sep. 1995
City of Stone: Part One
Demona promises to make Xanatos immortal by sharing a spell that has kept her young for the past few centuries. But she lied, and casts a different spell. You'll start to learn about Demona's past, and her relationship with MacBeth.
19 Sep. 1995
City of Stone: Part 2
The history between Demona and MacBeth is further explored. The Gargoyles find a statue of Elisa in the Tower, as they explore the city they find more statues. They need to find out what happened. Xanatos stops the broadcast, but it's too late. Goliath and Xanatos must work together to save the city.
20 Sep. 1995
City of Stone: Part 3
In the past, MacBeth and Demona agree to help each other, the bargain is sealed with a magical pact by the Weird Sisters. In the present, Manhattan awakens with no knowledge of what transpired. Xanatos comes up with a plan, Elisa goes to confront him.
21 Sep. 1995
City of Stone: Part 4
How MacBeth and Demona went from allies to bitter enemies is finally revealed. Xanatos and the Gargoyles have a plan to save the city, but the personal battle between MacBeth and Demona may interfere with their chances of success.
25 Sep. 1995
High Noon
The clan is attacked by an inexplicable alliance of Demona, Macbeth, and Coldstone.
28 Sep. 1995
Halcyn Renard's company finishes a new airship, Fortress II. Fearing Xanatos might try to sabotage it, Goliath goes to the ship to make sure nothing happens.
26 Oct. 1995
Matt Bluestone finally confronts a member of the Illuminate who offers him membership if he delivers to them one of the gargoyles his partner is hiding.
6 Nov. 1995
Double Jeopardy
Elisa is almost run off the road by something resembling Goliath, but he was occupied at the time. The culprit leads to a project sponsored by Xanatos. Goliath, Xanatos and Sevarius face a creation that seems to have inherited their best characteristics.
9 Nov. 1995
While Goliath considers a new second in command, Xanatos and Fox manipulate the Clan and the Pack as pawns of a friendly game of wits.
13 Nov. 1995
Elisa seems to be running a protection racket for some reason.
16 Nov. 1995
The Cage
The Mutates, burning for revenge against the clan, return while Goliath decides to strong measures to find a cure for them with the unwilling aid of Dr. Sevarius.
12 Oct. 1995
The Price
As the clan is close to finishing their patrol, MacBeth attacks. After defeating MacBeth, they settle down for sleep. That night, all the gargoyles awaken, except Hudson, they suspect MacBeth used magic on their comrade. The Gargoyles try to find a cure for their friend.
20 Nov. 1995
Avalon: Part 1
Tommy, the boy Goliath and his clan befriended 1000 years ago arrives in Manhattan. He needs help in Avalon. Goliath Elisa, and Bronx go with him to help and see find out what happened to the Gargoyle eggs.
21 Nov. 1995
Avalon: Part 2
Goliath, Elisa meet with Katherine, and the Mage. They're under attack from the Archmage, Demona, MacBeth, and 3 of Auberon's children. Elisa knows they'll need more allies in the up coming fight. She goes to wake a human whose been on the island for a long time.
22 Nov. 1995
Avalon: Part 3
The Sleeping King has been awakened. Goliath and all his allies fight the Archmage, Demona, MacBeth and three of Auberon's children.
23 Nov. 1995
Shadows of the Past
The World Tour begins at the original site of Castle Wyvern. There's more than old memories waiting for Goliath at his ancestral home.
27 Nov. 1995
The world tour continues in Alaska. Where the group encounters a sea monster that separates the group. Goliath and Angela encounter some Gargoyles, and Elisa meets with the locals. The local shaman tries to convince her grandson that the legends are true, while the native gargoyles convince Goliath, the humans destroyed the gargoyles in the area.
5 Feb. 1996
As Brooklyn struggles with his leadership duties in Goliath's absence, Fang of the Mutates seizes power in their underground home.
28 Nov. 1995
The adventurers tour continues at Loch Ness. Angela is captured by a familiar enemy, and some personal history is revealed.
14 Dec. 1995
The World Tourists arrive in Prague to find Halcyon Renard taking desperate measures to preserve his life with the use of a golem over the objections of its young controller.
18 Dec. 1995
In Paris, Elise spots MacBeth, he's about to be married. Elise recognizes his bride-to-be, and realizes the groom has to learn about his future wife's secret before it's too late.
21 Dec. 1995
The world tourers come to Britain only to be accosted by English gargoyles who blame Goliath for the disappearance of a clanmate in World War II.
28 Dec. 1995
The World Tourers come to Egypt where they find a grieving Emir plotting to enslave the death god, Anubis.
6 Feb. 1996
The Hound of Ulster
Arriving in Ireland, the World Tourists are imprisoned and tortured by a paranoid banshee while Bronx meets a native wastrel who has a hidden heroic past and destiny of his own.
7 Feb. 1996
The World Tourists team up with Dingo and Fox to stop an artificially intelligent machine mass undergoing a grey goo situation.
8 Feb. 1996
Mark of the Panther
Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx, arrive in Africa - only to discover Elisa's Mom; The Father/Daughter "tension", between Goliath and Angela, intensifies; The Gargoyles, Elisa, and her mother (who learns about Elisa's "secret"), become involved in a tribal curse.
12 Feb. 1996
King Arthur, Griff and the Manhattan Clan battle against Macbeth for possession of the ancient sword, Excalibur.
13 Feb. 1996
Eye of the Storm
The travelers end up in the arctic circle where a man tries to trade them blankets, other survival items for the Eye of Odin. They soon realize it really is Odin, Goliath uses the Eye to fight Odin. The power soon goes to Goliath's head.
14 Feb. 1996
The New Olympians
Upon arriving at the hidden city of New Olympus, Elisa is arrested by the human hating populace.
15 Feb. 1996
The Green
The World Tourists arrive in a rainforest and find a gargoyle clan fighting furiously to defend it with the help of magic crystals that keep them from turning into stone during the day.
19 Feb. 1996
The world tour continues on Easter Island. Elisa falls asleep as Goliath and Angela explore the island. Elisa awakens and cannot remember who she is and worse she does not recall the gargoyles. Goliath tries to help her regain her memory, but Angela and Bronx are attacked, and their attacker may hold the key to Elisa's memory
20 Feb. 1996
The world tour continues in Japan. Where they encounter a whole clan of Gargoyles. Unlike Goliath's clan, these gargoyles are know in the village they protect. One person wants to expose the gargoyles to the entire world, in the form of an amusement park.
21 Feb. 1996
Cloud Fathers
The World Tourists arrive at Elisa's sister school in Arizona and must help her and their father help the mystic Coyote from being captured by Xanatos.
Feb. 1996
Ill Met by Moonlight
The World Tourists return to Avalon in time to help the island's clan face the return of the Fae Lord Oberon.
25 Apr. 1996
Future Tense
Goliath attempts to use the phoenix gate to travel through time to get to Manhattan. He arrives to find Demona has joined the clan, and is married to Brooklyn. Xanatos has the gargoyles on the run, but finds unexpected allies in the Xanatos's son. Goliath tries to find out where/when everything went wrong, and who was ultimately responsible.
29 Apr. 1996
The Gathering: Part 1
As Oberon gathers his children, the Fae Lord searches for Puck in Manhattan and finds far more at the Xanatos residence.
30 Apr. 1996
The Gathering: Part 2
As Oberon fights the Xanatos family to take their son to Avalon, the Manhattan Clan decides to oppose the Fae Lord themselves.
1 May 1996
Wolf and his ghostly ancestor, Hakon travel to Manhattan to get their revenge on the Gargoyles. While Goliath and Hudson fight them off, one other is seeking the Gargoyles, a person who has had numerous encounters with the Gargoyles is out to cream Goliath.
6 May 1996
While the Trio fight each other to woo Angela, they all must pull together to stop Tomas Brode's war against Anthony Dracon with Elisa in the middle working undercover.
7 May 1996
The Reckoning
When the Mahattan Clan captures Demona, they and the Mutates decide to be her permanent jailers, unaware that they are falling into an elaborate trap doing so.
8 May 1996
To help Coldstone, Xanatos arranges for the two 2 consciousnesses to temporarily possess Broadway and Angela respectively, only to have the third malevolent one secretly seize control of Brooklyn.
Hunter's Moon: Part One
Elisa is temporarily assigned a new partner and get switched to day shift. She asks the gargoyles to watch over some warehouses the thieves might try to hit next. Hunters appear and attack the gargoyles.
14 May 1996
Hunter's Moon: Part 2
Some of Demona's history is revealed. Goliath now wants vengeance for the attack on his daughter and finds an unexpected ally.
15 May 1996
Hunter's Moon: Part 3
After learning that the Clan survived the destruction of the clock tower, the Hunters expose their existence to the public while Demona prepares her masterplan to exterminate humanity.

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