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Sex & Nudity

  • I'm the first episode some doctors walk in on another doctor having oral sex with his wife. The man is naked, (the only nudity is his bare chest and back) all we see is his wife lift her head up.
  • Some characters kiss and make out
  • A woman goes to the doctors and says "my breasts hurt"
  • One doctor makes a joke about a male's private parts.
  • A women begins to undress and kiss Carter by taking off his coat and untying his tie, then somebody walks in on them and they stop.
  • In one episode there is a scene of a man and a woman under the sheets in bed. We can obviously see they are having sex because the blankets are moving up and down, the woman moans extremely loud.
  • TV-14 for some language and sexual content, and for violence
  • Some, both implied and seen (not explicit, however) A rape occurs but is not graphic. Many episodes involve the sexual abuse of children.

Violence & Gore

  • And one scene you see a patient has a cut on his wrist that goes deep into his skin, you also see blood is on his shirt and his pants. The patient also has some blood on his face and some bruises on his face.
  • In another patient, there is blood streaming down his stomach, his face, and his ears.
  • There's some blood in this series
  • There are some scenes with patients who have blood down there forehead and cuts and bruises everywhere.
  • We see a man getting stitches in his forehead, no blood or anything gory is shown.
  • In one episode there is talk about a woman who was abused by her husband
  • In many scenes there is blood on many doctors hands and on their uniforms.
  • Moderately graphic medical detail


  • There are a couple uses of Damn once every other episode.
  • In one episode a man yells at a doctor and say "you bitch!" 4 times.
  • Occasional, usually mild and justified in the context

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A doctor finds out that a little girl overdosed on cocaine because her older sister is doing drugs. (No drugs are actually shown in this scene)
  • There are some episodes that are about people getting injured due to drunk driving yet no actual alcohol is shown in these scenes.
  • A doctor asks someone how much alcohol one of their friends consumed and they said he had around 15 shots.
  • Some episodes but mostly only mentioned in dialogue

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are some scenes where doctors have to tell some people that there loved ones have passed away.
  • In some episodes there is some talk about people shooting other people and in another scene there is a man talking about how he was stabbed.
  • Some episodes are very emotionally intense, but probably would not be considered 'frightening'

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