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23 Sep. 2004
One for the Road
After being shot at, Pratt, Jing-Mei and Elgin are trying to get out of their sinking car. Sam took Alex with her while fleeing from Steve. Kovac is considering going after them. Abby wants to go to bed since tomorrow is her first day as a doctor, but is thwarted by Weaver, whose custody battle might take a dramatic turn. A young drug dealer is brought in with "a foreign object" in her tunnel of life.
7 Oct. 2004
Neela is still struggling with her decision not to continue becoming a doctor. We discover that Ray is in a band. Kovac and Sam are in love, but where does that leave them? Carter takes Abby to dinner in a restaurant he hired off for the evening.
14 Oct. 2004
Try Carter
It's a busy Fourth of July and Carter is the only attending working.
21 Oct. 2004
Carter, Pratt, Kovac and Abby are dealing with a woman and her three children who've jumped from the third floor of an apartment building to escape from the violent husband/father. Meanwhile Dr. Lewis becomes Chief of Emergency Medicine, Howard quits his internship and Dr. Corday is facing dismissal.
4 Nov. 2004
Intern's Guide to the Galaxy
Neela starts a new job in the emergency room after working at the convenience store near the hospital. On Neela's first day, Pratt expects the interns, Abby, Ray and Neela, to take on a large patient load during their shifts. Pratt turns processing the patients into a competition, in which Ray is clearly going to be the winner.
11 Nov. 2004
Time of Death
From 11:22 to 12:06 we can follow everything that happens to Charlie Metcalf (played by Ray Liotta), a patient who is at death's door. We are shown the minutiae of a treatment which are usually glossed over in the "regular" episodes, interlaced with images from Charlie's delusions which give an insight into the regrets he has about his wasted life.
18 Nov. 2004
White Guy, Dark Hair
A rape victim, barely able to speak, does all she can to help police find her attacker.
2 Dec. 2004
Shot in the Dark
A wounded police officer's teenage son must make a life or death decision. Abby tries to convince a girl needing appendicitis surgery's parents not to transfer her and do the operation at County, but her father wants her transferred to another hospital due to his own trauma with surgery complications from years before.
9 Dec. 2004
Twas the Night
Abby has a dialysis patient in critical condition, but she cannot find his physician, who does not want to be bothered during the holidays.
13 Jan. 2005
Gang members kidnap Abby hoping she can save one of their members with a gunshot wound. Ray starts treating a patient, but when she requests a new doctor, he gets offended.
20 Jan. 2005
Only Connect
Two teens enter the ER with gunshot wounds. When one dies, Neela botches telling the next of kin, making the woman hysterical.
27 Jan. 2005
The Providers
When a 16-year-old girl who had received a kidney transplant from her father arrives at the emergency room feeling dizzy, Carter traces the problem to a new drug that the girl was taking to control seizures related to her kidney dysfunction.
3 Feb. 2005
While examining a young boy, Pratt finds a suspicious gash across his chest and calls Wendall for a consult. Kovac and Pratt examine a man who was shot when he confronted his boss with a gun. Jake tries to convince Abby to date him despite his being a student.
10 Feb. 2005
Just as I Am
Dr. Weaver meets her birth mother, but their relationship changes when Kerry reveals she is gay. Dr. Carter causes a commotion when he confronts a couple hoping to scam some painkillers.
17 Feb. 2005
Alone in a Crowd
A soccer mom finds herself completely aware of everything going on around her, but is unable to move or speak after suffering a stroke.
24 Feb. 2005
Here and There
Neela (who's in Chicago) and Gallant (who's in Iraq) miss each other and write letters. Gallant also tries to save the life of a little girl.
24 Mar. 2005
Back in the World
Sam's ex-husband shows up and wants to take Alex on a trip. Gallant is back and Neela hopes to see him before he goes back to Iraq.
21 Apr. 2005
Refusal of Care
A woman on a hunger strike refuses treatment until the INS give her son another deportation hearing. Abby searches for proof when she suspects a patient is the victim of elder abuse.
28 Apr. 2005
Ruby Redux
Jules 'Ruby' Rubadoux is back in the ER. He's still angry with Carter about the death of his wife.
5 May 2005
You Are Here
Morris is named the new chief resident, which makes nobody really happy, except Morris. Meanwhile Luka and Sam are having communication problems, Carter gets a promotion Susan really wanted and Ray finds out a 14-year old who always comes in for free drugs has been raped.
12 May 2005
Carter est Amoureux
After Carter finds out Kem's mother is hospitalized in Paris he decides to go there to tell Kem how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Ray makes a fatal error.
19 May 2005
The Show Must Go On
Casualties of a disaster flood the ER, which is short-handed because everyone is at Dr. Carter's going-away party because he's leaving the ER after 11 years. Dr. Pratt looks for the courage to confront his father, Charlie.

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