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Laura Innes: Kerry Weaver



  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : [leaving Luka a message]  Luka, this is Kerry Weaver. I'm down two attendings and up 40 patients. If you don't get in here and start working your scheduled shifts, I'm gonna call the INS, tell 'em your greencard's a fake, and have your ass deported

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : Did you even take the Hippocratic Oath?

    Dr. Robert Romano : I had my fingers crossed.

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : The food was terrible, the music stinks, the drinks were watered down, but you sure know how to throw a party.

  • [Medical student Michael Gallant has worked in the army] 

    Dr. Kerry Weaver : So working in the ER might not be so crazy to you.

    Dr. Michael Gallant : Well, it's a different kind of "crazy".

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : Carter, take our friend here, I'm afraid I might stick an IV pole up his ass.

  • Dr. Dave Malucci : Hey, Chief, am I a yuppie?

    Dr. Kerry Weaver : No, but you will be when you grow up.

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : [showing medical students around]  Most interns send their samples without knowing what happens once they're there. Let's pretend we're a urine sample and find out.

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : [complaining about her tardy staff]  It's five after seven, is there some kind of natural disaster that I'm unaware of? An earthquake or half of Chicago's been swallowed up by a giant sinkhole?

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : You know what? I'm really very flattered. It's just that I'm, uh... I mean... gosh, you're such a beautiful woman. You're... you're so beautiful. But I'm... I... I'm straight... I mean, I don't... I'm straight. Oh, God. Oh, my God. I don't know... I don't know what's...

    [starts laughing, then stops abruptly] 

    Dr. Kerry Weaver : I mean, I'm sorry... I just... I don't... I feel very...


    Dr. Kerry Weaver : ... I'm... You know what?... I... I just... I mean, I... I guess I never even really considered this.

  • [Malucci is shooting hoops with a mini basketball net in the ER] 

    Dr. Kerry Weaver : Need something to do, Malucci?

    Dr. Dave Malucci : Uh, no thanks, Chief, I'm swamped.

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : It's not a good idea to shock a patient who's wide-awake.

  • Dr. Kerry Weaver : It's a bizarre thing, Daniel, which makes you a very bizarre guy, but we like that around here.

  • [Dr. Weaver is about to throw a preacher out of the hospital] 

    Dr. Kerry Weaver : Oh, no. Soon he'll start trying to heal people, and that's bad for business.

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