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George Clooney: Doug Ross



  • Nurse Lily Jarvik : Anyone seen Dr. Weaver?

    Dr. Doug Ross : Follow the trail of partially-digested residents.

  • [Ross is a pediatrician] 

    Dr. Doug Ross : I'm not a grown-up doctor.

    Nurse Lydia Wright : Yes, we know.

  • Dr. Mark Greene : How they holding up?

    Dr. Doug Ross : Stick a fork in them they've been Weavered.

  • Dr. Doug Ross : Weaver and the sound of her own voice: A love story.

  • Jerry Markovic : Dr. Ross, this came for you.

    Dr. Mark Greene : Bad news?

    Dr. Doug Ross : No. Just got denied a loan by a bank whose motto is "We loan money to anyone."

  • Dr. Mark Greene : [Going over a new colour schedule]  Doug, you have a problem?

    Dr. Doug Ross : No, just call me Mr. Blue.

  • Carol Hathaway : Doug can you help me out here. "If a red quark is attracted to an anti-red quark, is it a gluon or a meson?"

    Dr. Doug Ross : Thank you, Carol, for pointing out something else i know nothing about.

  • Dr. Doug Ross : [Telling Carol about when he did his physics exam]  He told us we could bring in one sheet into the exam with all the formulas written on it.

    Carol Hathaway : And?

    Dr. Doug Ross : I brought in a really big sheet.

  • Dr. Doug Ross : I'm a doctor and nothing gets in the way of that. Nothing.

  • Carol Hathaway : Oh, Doug, not another serious conversation.

    Dr. Doug Ross : You used to say we didn't communicate.

    Carol Hathaway : I know, but now you're communicating a little too much.

    Dr. Doug Ross : This is important. Can I have a drawer?

    Carol Hathaway : What?

    Dr. Doug Ross : A drawer. Something you keep your clothes in-something that i can put my clothes in.

    Carol Hathaway : You never wanted a drawer before.

  • Carol Hathaway : What were you thinking? What could you possibly have thought would happen tonight? That you would show up on my doorstep at midnight, drunk and I would find that as some sort grand gesture of love? That I would invite you back into my life, into my bed? Is that what you imagined would happen tonight? You have no right to even think about doing this.

    Dr. Doug Ross : I'm sorry.

    Carol Hathaway : Do you think you love me? For how long Doug? How long till you start wondering if there isn't someone better in the next room or the next bar? How long until that little voice in your head reminds you of all the infinite 22-year-olds you could be screwing tomorrow, or the next day, or the next? I will not let you do this to me again.


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