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Season 6

23 Sep. 1999
Team Play
The new team deal with incidents including a patient who dies following a routine liposuction procedure and a priest with a genital mutation.
30 Sep. 1999
Y' Gotta Have Heart
Geiger and Waters argue over which patient is more deserving of a donor heart.
7 Oct. 1999
Oh What a Piece of Work Is Man
A newborn's life is in the hands of a heart surgeon who has Tourette's Syndrome.
14 Oct. 1999
Vigilance and Care
Dr. McNeil puts the life of a young ballplayer in jeopardy while trying to save the boy's arm.
21 Oct. 1999
Humpty Dumpty
The surgeons of Chicago Hope work together in an attempt to save the life of Dr. Cacaci.
28 Oct. 1999
Upstairs, Downstairs
The widow of a heart attack victim wants to be impregnated with sperm from her husband's body but his parents object to the procedure. A young boy requires brain surgery to remove a tumour. Down in the basement, two medical transcribers plot to sell copies of a doctor's notes to a tabloid newspaper.
11 Nov. 1999
White Rabbit
A killer virus sweeps through the hospital, killing everyone who catches it.
25 Nov. 1999
The Heart to Heart
Dr. Alberghetti performs experimental lung surgery with help, via satellite and the internet, from a doctor in Sri Lanka. Dr. Geiger helps his daughter Alicia prepare for her Thanksgiving play.
9 Dec. 1999
The Golden Hour
Jack & Aaron deal with shooting victims at a bookie joint in an old warehouse while the shooter keeps the police at bay. Drs. Alberghetti and Hanlon fight to save a woman who was brutally stabbed.
13 Jan. 2000
Faith, Hope & Surgery
Dr. Simon performs brain surgery on a friend suffering from Parkinson's and then has to deal with the man's mother when things go wrong. Dr. Geiger deals with a doctor who is doing research into human cloning and with an elderly patient who is ready to die.
20 Jan. 2000
Letting Go
Keith's estranged aunt, Dr. Odelia Wilkes, is brought in to perform surgery on a tuberculosis patient. Dr. Simon struggles to diagnose a patient whose twin sister died from leukaemia.
3 Feb. 2000
Boys Will Be Girls
Jack and Jeremy help a teenage girl who was born a boy. Gina and Francesca treat an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's.
10 Feb. 2000
Gray Matters
A father must choose which of his two dying children will get his liver donation. Dr. Rose Weber suffers a seizure at work. Aaron and Gina deal with their budding relationship.
17 Feb. 2000
Painful Cuts
At the same time his daughter Alicia needs heart surgery, Geiger is pressured by the board to make massive cuts to the hospital's budget. Conjoined twins arrive in the emergency room, one suffering a cut on his leg, the other needing an appendectomy.
24 Feb. 2000
Simon Sez
Gina helps a mentally challenged couple after discovering a surgeon at the hospital had sterilized the woman years earlier.
30 Mar. 2000
Cold Hearts
A steroid using wrestler with a knee injury learns she may have cancer. Aaron and Gina come up with a plan to use hypothermia on a young girl to better her chances of surviving brain surgery. Keith's son Ray asks his dad for help with a sick tarantula.
6 Apr. 2000
Devoted Attachment
An old friend of Jack's shows up in the ER with a minor gunshot wound and a major heart defect. The conjoined twins return to the hospital and when Jeremy discovers one of them has developed pancreatic cancer, she tries to convince them to have separation surgery.
13 Apr. 2000
Miller Time
Chicago Hope is bought by an HMO and new CEO Hugh Miller starts making cuts. A young couple learns their pregnancy is not progressing normally.
20 Apr. 2000
Thoughts of You
Gina and Aaron are given permission to perform experimental brain surgery on a paralyzed patient but Jack has to jump through hoops to be allowed to do a hip replacement on an ex-football player. Jeremy and Francesca discuss their feelings about new CEO Hugh Miller.
27 Apr. 2000
Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope
After suffering a medical emergency, Hugh experiences care at Chicago Hope firsthand. A woman who went into a coma giving birth reawakens after 15 years and is reunited with her husband and daughter. A man is being denied coverage for life saving heart surgery by his HMO who consider the procedure to be experimental.
4 May 2000
Have I Got a Deal for You
Hoyt Hospital Services wants to buy the hospital as an empty facility; Dr. Simon has an ectopic pregnancy; Dr. McNeill performs a miraculous surgery

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