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Season 8

21 Feb. 2001
The Blame Game: Part 1
Nothing is what it seems when a woman rushes into the Mt. Thomas police station claiming a man has kidnapped her children. As a custody battle unfolds between the feuding parents, Ben's work eerily starts to mirror his private life. Shattered by the news that his ex-wife plans on taking his kids to Perth, Ben is determined to go to any lengths to keep them in Victoria.
28 Feb. 2001
The Blame Game: Part 2
The courtroom drama continues as Barry insists on running the show his way and as he holds the power and the detonator, he just wants the truth to be told. As hostages are released, except Ben and Jack, the police move in and this will lead to the hunt for Barry and his now missing children, as some truth about things comes out.
7 Mar. 2001
Deadly Fascination
A writer with an obsession with murder and mystery, makes an impression on the police and then more so, after a little girl goes missing near a river. Tess is suspicious and he is interviewed, whilst the police investigate him further.
14 Mar. 2001
Letter of the Law
Tom, Tess and Inspector Falcon-Price, pick a candidate to run a one man police station in a small, nearby town. Tess wins over Tom's choice, but who she picks causes so much trouble from the get go, that he has the whole town turn against him. He just doesn't seem to get it and Tess comes to regret her choice, and there seems no way to get rid of him.
21 Mar. 2001
A Bit on the Side
A torso is found washed up and brings in outside detectives. The believed male victim that is missing, seems to be leading two sisters on; one his wife, the other her sister. One of the visiting detectives will be helpful to P.J. and the other not so with this case.
28 Mar. 2001
Tough Nut
Young Hayley Fulton and her family come back to the attention of the police and particularly Tess. With the mother seemingly picking bad boyfriends, it will be up to Tess to try and help and the children do not want to go into care. This will lead to a dangerous situation.
4 Apr. 2001
The Fine Print
P.J. has a visit from mother and its driving him up the wall. With a man taking money and not refunding people, a woman who has been chasing him and bring him to justice makes her presence known in a destructive way. She also befriends P.J.'s mother, who has a secret of her own to tell him.
11 Apr. 2001
Family Reserve
A father and granddaughter have their precious wine poured away. As the grandfather's son is estranged and is also the competition, it would seem he would be the prime suspect, but is there something else going on?
18 Apr. 2001
Chop Chop
Two men are offering the police a free hot air balloon ride. Tess goes up for a ride and it ends more exhilarating than expected. When an asthmatic girl goes missing, P.J.'s criminal bust has to be put on hold, putting his informer in danger. Then the balloonist finds the girl with press already taking pictures. Jack, already mad at the balloonists putting Tess in danger, doesn't trust them and an investigation begins. This will lead to more questions and revelations, including from Tony Timms.
25 Apr. 2001
A rough-looking man loitering around the local high school turns out to be a convicted cop-killer who's just finished doing time. But he isn't the peeping-tom type. What is he up to?
2 May 2001
They Don't Make Them Like They Used To
Mount Thomas's only cinema is slated for demolition. And a local armed robber has just got out of prison. What do this old career "crim" and the "Bughouse" have to do with a past unsolved mystery?
9 May 2001
On the Run
Arnie Briggs, a local armed robber, has escaped from prison. Is he headed for Mount Thomas? The Heelers think not, but Jack suspects that's not the case. On a hunch, Jack starts a rogue search for Briggs, which goes off the rails and lands him and Tess in an explosive situation.
16 May 2001
Fowl Play
When Tom attends a scene of vandalism at a Vietnam War memorial garden, he discovers the culprit is an escaped, prize-winning bantam pullet called Hannah. When the hen is later found with a broken neck, her frantic owner suspects the neighbour, who is a rival poultry breeder. With several other likely suspects to choose from, Jo seizes the opportunity to escape pressing paperwork, and takes up the case with all the enthusiasm of a comical amateur sleuth. But the situation intensifies when a young homeless boy is rushed to hospital suffering from a deadly virus ...
23 May 2001
Fooling Around
A headmaster at a school has his car stolen and when it turns up its missing it wheels, this leads to the local high school and potential suspects. Meanwhile Ben has problems and he's dealing with it by drinking and having fun with Petra, which will cause problems at work and have Tom give him a warning.
30 May 2001
Death by Flight
Ben and P.J. witness a plane crash. Rumours then spread about the air craft and company and Tony Timms stirs the pot which causes a lot of problems. Ben is still battling with his recent drink problems and its openly mentioned as well.
6 Jun. 2001
A Friend Indeed
Jo helps Arnie, one of her waifs and strays by getting him a job at the pub. When teenagers are suspected of drinking and Arnie is there, Jo warns them off. This will come back to Jo, as one girl there goes missing and Arnie takes the blame for everything; as the teenagers are his friends, even though the police know he is being used and they have to find the missing girl as soon as they can.
13 Jun. 2001
The Manly Art
A construction crew come to the attention of the police when one of them knocks Tess down. As Tess is taking a boxing lesson with Jack, she knocks out a young man who is hospitalised. But there is more to his injuries than meets the eye. Jack and Tess get more closer.
20 Jun. 2001
Falling: Part 1
Tess and Jack's romance is in full throttle. Jo teases him about his nightly sojourns, but Jack revels in his secret dalliance with the Sergeant. Then they are called out to attend an attack on a convicted drug trafficker and everything begins to change. Five years ago, Brad Eckhardt killed a local high school student with a bad batch of ecstasy. Having served his time, Brad is back in town to nurse his sick mother. With Brad's promise that he's changed his ways, the last thing mother or son want is the past coming back to haunt them. But grief does not forget easily,...
20 Jun. 2001
Falling: Part 2
As deaths occur relating to the drugs in the local high school, an investigation into Brad has to be conducted. P.J. is openly aware of Tess and Jack's relationship and Tess is tested to the extreme as Jack does himself no favours still, as he pushes everyone with his attitude, as the drug investigation continues. Can Tess and P.J. find the truth before Jack puts himself right in it?
27 Jun. 2001
Winners and Losers
A couple win the lottery, but before they can really tell anyone, their little boy goes missing. Who could the kidnappers be? The Uncle? The close friend? Someone else? Tess is about to find out in a deadly way. As for Jack, he is not talking to anyone and refuses all communication and help from his colleagues.
11 Jul. 2001
No Place Like Home
PJ and Jo stumble upon a young naked man wandering the highway. Confused, hungry and bruised, he is a stranger to the town and appears unable to understand English. PJ and Jo organise a translator and discover he is a Kosovo refugee who escaped from a detention centre while awaiting deportation. PJ investigates the mysterious death of a man from St. Davids and discovers a connection to the escaped refugee. When PJ seeks to question the young refugee, he finds himself impeded by a band of determined locals. Are they hiding the young man from the police? The runaway is ...
18 Jul. 2001
Someone nearly runs down Tess and this leads to local young people who are drag racing. A new probationary constable, Evan 'Jonesy' Jones, joins the Mount Thomas police; he and Tess will have differences of opinion from the start. When it looks like someone is out to get Tess, she says she can handle herself, but Jonesy thinks she is not taking it seriously enough.
25 Jul. 2001
Baby Love
Tess and Jonesy find a baby abandoned in a derelict building. From the phone call that lead them there, it seems a teenage girl from the local high school may be the mother. The baby is poorly and the mother ends up in hospital herself, but that's just the start of the problems, as the police have to delicately investigate without any formal complaint being taken.
1 Aug. 2001
An Inspector Calls
Inspector Falcon-Price is having a meeting with Tom and Jo comes in wanting clerical staff for the amount of paperwork. This has the effect that the inspector clears his calendar and does a day's patrol with Mount Thomas. As Jo pushed him into this decision, Tess makes Jo and the inspector take the patrol together. Each of them will wind the other up so much, the inspector decides to complete the patrol on his own. Then the inspector gets himself abducted.
8 Aug. 2001
P.J. organizes a drug bust but it's all been moved the night before. He knows there's a leak and he interviews all the coppers involved from Mount Thomas and beyond. Two are friends of Tom's and Inspector Draper comes in to investigate further. Everyone has secrets, but who is the guilty party and where are the illegal drugs?
15 Aug. 2001
Ben is shocked when he discovers a group of young girls practicing witchcraft under the guidance of an older man. Are they in danger? Ben battles to keep his protective instincts in check as his investigations reveal more than he was prepared for. Can he save the girls, or are they already deep under the man's spell?
22 Aug. 2001
Poisoned Fruit: Part 1
It starts off with an angry man and his border dispute. He is always angry and when he collapses, he has been poisoned with DDT, which has been banned for years. This brings everyone to a local contractor and this will link to 'Jonesy' to the case and wanting to get the local builder, Les Anderson, for personal reasons.
29 Aug. 2001
Poisoned Fruit: Part 2
Jonesy is angry and determined to find out what happened to his biological father, this will have lead to missing case files, people retracting statements and opening a can of worms that cannot be put back in the tin. Then there is still the matter of his biological father's death, as he battles with his adopted father.
5 Sep. 2001
Fifteen Minutes
A simple traffic policing matter has Jo flung into the spotlight, as a film crew is filming at the time. But this case will have to be resolved and it's not as simple as it started out to be. As Jo's television appearances continue, even Inspector Falcon-Price gets in on the act, but can Jo still do her job without this 15 minutes of fame interfering?
19 Sep. 2001
Copping the Flak
It seems a kid throws something off a bridge that hits a car causing an accident. This will lead to Jonesy, Tess and Ben to come across other kids that seem too hyper to be a coincidence.
26 Sep. 2001
We see the same start routine Tess has every day as she investigates a neighbour dispute which brings her into contact with Hayley and her brother again. They are staying with their uncle and aunt. But as three sets of neighbours are having problems and things turned dangerous, it will lead to an unforeseen outcome and Tess will make a big decision.
3 Oct. 2001
The Lord Giveth
Someone is breaking in and leaving money for the people living there, even leaving replacements locks. This will bring a man who believes he is doing God's work and a minister that Tom has already run into, a couple of times already.
10 Oct. 2001
Credit Limit
Jonesy might have made a mistake and let a wanted criminal get away. With bank manager Kevin Sutton and his wife acting cagey and other strangers about, what do they know? And can they catch this violent criminal before something happens?
17 Oct. 2001
A Hard Call
Tess is taking Hayley to the movies when they come across a car accident. It ends tragically and this will effect Tess and her chances to foster Hayley as a complaint is made and Jo doesn't agree with actions Tess took on the night either.
17 Oct. 2001
Role Model
There are burglaries occurring and this brings in an old criminal into the police's sights as the crime fits him down to a tee. Hayley is getting into trouble at school and Tess dishes out some parenting punishment. Tom and Grace cross each other's paths again.
24 Oct. 2001
A Safe Bet
A robbery at the horses, leads Jo and the others to be concerned with young workers at a stable and the danger they may be in. Tom dusts off his public speaking role and asks Grace out in the process, but no one has told Chris this.
31 Oct. 2001
A Matter of Faith
A faith healer comes to town and it starts with violence and more to follow. This will bring Tom and Grace at odds and even Father Hegarty is involved. Merv Poole and Jo will have to decide for themselves.
7 Nov. 2001
Who Can You Trust?
A building site accident has the police investigate how the safety rail broke. This brings them back into contact with Les Anderson and Tess tries to keep Jonesy from finding out Les is under investigation, but Jo has other ideas.
14 Nov. 2001
Best Eaten Cold
Les Anderson has been severely bashed and the hunt is on for who almost killed him. There are plenty of suspects, as he has bullied so many people over the years and even Jonesy is one of them. But will people get their revenge as he lays critically ill in hospital or will he get away with it, yet again?
21 Nov. 2001
The Real Santa
Tom wins the raffle and Clancy is in the kids church nativity run by Grace. But Clancy is about to lose his role and Tom his raffle win. This will lead to a whole lot of thefts, a winning lottery ticket and presents for everyone from Santa Claus. Ben is missing his kids and learns a sobering lesson in what his kids must be going through.
28 Nov. 2001
Dreaming of a White Christmas
It's Christmas and Jo is super excited about this time though her colleagues are less so, but Jo will have her Christmas celebrations interrupted and receive a little lesson from P.J. in reality. A man comes in saying his brother is coming home for Christmas to kill him and Joney will have a hard task to deal with this Christmas as well. Tom meets Grace's eldest son and what is bothering Hayley and her first Christmas with Tess?

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