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Season 10

12 Feb. 2003
Firebrands: Part 1
Ben's been drinking and then P.J.'s house goes up in flames, but they all manage to get out. Then the dry summer brings other fires to the local countryside. A visiting police fire investigator will be angrily focused on catching what appears to be a fire starter and a fireman will be the number one suspect. P.J. will be too angry with Ben who may have started the house fire and Ben just locks himself away.
19 Feb. 2003
Firebrands: Part 2
The visiting investigator gets increasingly aggressive in his methods and P.J. is still angry at Ben, as who started the fires is still be looked into. Jonesy gets lost in the middle of another fire and is not heard from.
26 Feb. 2003
In the Dog House
A park ranger, a green farmer, a released convict that crosses Tom, and Alec McKinley and his sheep have one thing in common, there seems to be a 'Devil Dog' loose in the state forest. With Tom's stepson's dog always running off for hours at a time, it becomes the number one suspect and is locked up, causing Tom a lot of family problems. Jonesy takes Tess on a night stakeout to find the real feral dog.
5 Mar. 2003
Excuses, Excuses
Inspector Falcon-Price wants more uniforms on the streets and catching every misdemeanour. When Ben pulls over Mrs Falcon-Price, he is going to stretch it out following the inspector's directive. Meanwhile, Compo Hayes smashes into Tom's car, Tess has news about her husband, and Jonesy and Ben keep stopping the same man in his car, so why is doing all this driving?
12 Mar. 2003
Too Hard Basket
Sam Baxter is back and she seems to have regressed back into her old ways. Whilst a home for people with mental health issues comes into the spotlight with complaints from the neighbours, this is where Sam will end up, as Jo tries to help her as she may have underlying issues. But it's not going to go smoothly, with so many people affected and this means Sam may have no more cards to play by the time end of it all and will stand to lose everything, including her freedom.
19 Mar. 2003
Fair Play
Sam is on the netball team and when the coach is run off the road, Jo is roped in to become the girls temporary netball coach. This brings a suspended girl back onto the team and Sam stand up for herself but it lands her into trouble - again. More serious trouble will follow and Sam and Jo's relationship will be tested.
26 Mar. 2003
The Sum of the Parts
A body from sixteen years previously surfaces. As P.J. and Jo's relationship is strained at this moment, her door knocking comes across another body. She believes she has found a link and pursues it and everyone the police come into contact with will have something deeply connected to the sixteen year old body and each other.
2 Apr. 2003
Trust Accounts
Jonesy brings food over for Tess who has to be hospitalised. This will lead to a case at the hospital of missing drugs that puts patients at risk. Jonesy has a suspect and this puts him in direct conflict with Tess and he has to be reigned in to finding evidence and not be speculative.
9 Apr. 2003
Bumps in the Night
Archie is back and checking on pilfering at a retreat for the rich and famous. There is also a demon stalking the retreat and even Archie sees it himself and P.J. does not believe if he can't see it for himself and he is about to gets his chance. Ben will then go undercover to try and expose what's truly going on there.
16 Apr. 2003
Out of Control
Two young boys are getting high on paint fumes. When Ben tries to help them, it's an uphill struggle and Ben has his own problem to deal with. His colleagues rally round, though Inspector Falcon-Price would love to see Ben take a fall. Sam is also trying to pull the wool over Tom's eyes, until he says something that shows he cares.
23 Apr. 2003
Love In
Divisional Inspector Russell Falcon-Price is adamant someone made an attempt on his life during an adventure weekend away (The 'Love In') with some of the Heelers - and he points the finger squarely at Constable Jo Parrish. Jo's colleagues have their doubts about his claim but once the investigation gets rolling, Jo's practical jokes against the Inspector coupled with questionable behaviour by everyone involved on the adventure weekend, seems to indicate that perhaps Russell's suspicions were right-but just not about the person responsible. Meanwhile back in Mount ...
30 Apr. 2003
Some old faces turn up and then there is a blackout in the whole town. As people scramble around in the dark, the truth emerges about the blackout, so will the truth about Ben and his secret affair.
7 May 2003
Where There's a Will
A man is found shot dead, this will lead a family to squabble and one of them is a pregnant daughter. Tess can sympathize as she has a similar predicament of her own and Jonesy offers to help. Ben is questioned by Jo over his current choice of partner.
14 May 2003
Father's Day: Part 1
It starts with two men and two women outside of a shop and who are the parents of a small boy. One man Gethin just wants to take his son fishing and Ben is sympathetic and tries to help. Gethin keeps on getting angrier and rather than act rationally, his anger gets him into deeper hot water and he ends up making threats.
21 May 2003
Father's Day: Part 2
Everything is out in the open and Ben and Inspector Falcon-Price are at each other's throats. Then the Falcon-Price children go missing and its all hands on deck to get them back safely. But this case will have consequences at the end of it.
28 May 2003
Dream On
Tess is having dreams about Jonesy. She can't tell when it's a dream and when its real. When Jonesy calls her out to a night time burglary, this will lead to some shady goings on, a father and drugged up son to deal with.
4 Jun. 2003
The Ties That Bind
Tom tries to get Sam and her mother to reconcile after a burglary. Sam's mother has a new boyfriend also and then as accidents start to happen, Sam comes under the spotlight as a potential suspect. P.J. is taking out Tatiana, the doctor from the hospital and Jo has a cynical eye on this.
11 Jun. 2003
Prince Charming
A dead body is found by the railway tracks. P.J. take Jonesy on the case, giving Jo the cold shoulder. Jo decides to investigate on her own and comes up with answer after answer. The women will turn out to be a visitor from a land far away and bring into focus the internet and online chatting and there are plenty of characters that cause more trouble than give answers which the police has to deal with along with the victim's son.
25 Jun. 2003
The New Perfect
Jo's father has had a break in, this is where she finds out he is shacking up with his accountant who is the same age as her. Jo will not like the woman at all and as she comes into the spotlight of suspects, the accountant has plenty of stories to tell the police.
2 Jul. 2003
Playing with Fire
Jonesy is trying to get Tess more into her pregnancy with lots of things to see, read and do. But a case of an artist with mental health issues will threaten many people and all the father wants is for him to be hospitalised. But what happens there will lead to a an even more dangerous situation.
9 Jul. 2003
A Bad Smell
Charlie Clark has some plumbing competition but is always just one step behind her and he is suspected of using electronic surveillance equipment. Chris has a bad smell at the pub and with a big business meeting going ahead, there seems to be a blackmailer messing with the town's water works via a computer and the internet. Charlie Clark and his electronic equipment just might be of use to the police.
16 Jul. 2003
A Knife for a Knife
A teenage boy is stabbed and this leads Tom to his stepsons and problems with teenage boys looking out for themselves by carrying knives. Can the police find those responsible and find a missing knife before things get out of hand? P.J. does not to appear there completely for Tatiana.
22 Jul. 2003
A Better Mind
A salvation army worker is locked up by a man saying she is coming to take his baby. When it turns out the baby is sick and the man has never taking them to see a doctor, this brings the salvation army, police, doctor Tatiana and the magistrate to do something. When the baby goes missing, this will lead to a dangerous situation and fathers who see their children as property and not people.
23 Jul. 2003
Thicker Than Water
Ben, P.J. and Jo's other flatmate - Marco, has some questions to answer as the place they share is burgled and the robbers don't care who they attack. But this is only the start and with valuable items and dangerous criminals who then resort to kidnapping, things will only turn uglier and more dangerous.
30 Jul. 2003
Raging Hormones
Tess is having problems with Josh. When a local woman, who is also pregnant, wants her husband to leave her alone as well, Tess is sympathetic and seems to get on all her colleagues nerves. If it's not her hormones, it's her situation that is making her sympathetic to the other woman's case. Then a sleazy lawyer manages to take on both their cases.
6 Aug. 2003
A Blind Eye
A French cameraman arrives at the station to film a documentary. There is a report of a riot in Widgeree, where Gossey may or may not have a situation under control. There is a death. Monica Draper makes enquiries.
13 Aug. 2003
Chocolate Sardines
When hard up families and thefts come to the attention of the police, they have to investigate. One family is targeted and Ben gets more involved and tested with them and Captain Marissa.
20 Aug. 2003
Too Good to Be True: Part 1
Tess has a visit from her younger sister Bridie and her boyfriend Calvin, who owns a hotel. Meanwhile a missing woman who doesn't speak English is being sort. Bridie's boyfriend soon turns ugly with his attitude and aggression, as he and Jonesy have words.
27 Aug. 2003
Too Good to Be True: Part 2
With the death needed to be investigated, the police have to find the killer and there are plenty of suspects. Bridie is one, to which Tess is adamant it can't be her. The police investigation will open up a much bigger and wider case than they could have possibly imagined and it will involve the found woman who doesn't speak English. The story and involvement of people and what they have done in this case, will almost stun the police in its gravity.
3 Sep. 2003
Every Man and His Ute
Whilst on the phone and driving, Jo has an accident. A blue Ute is involved and may also be involved in a drive-by shooting nearby that same night. Jo was saved by a good Samaritan, but the suspected hero is adamant it was not him, though the police don't believe it. So what's he hiding? Why did someone shoot up his house? And who was driving the blue Ute?
10 Sep. 2003
An injured man is found by the side of the road, but there is no sign of an accident. How did he get there? The two doctors who stopped to assist turn out to be Tess's ex-husband's parents, who she has not met before. And Tess has complications with her pregnancy, forcing her to make some big decisions.
17 Sep. 2003
A New Life
Jo takes a single mother, Cherry, under her wing when the woman arrives in Mt Thomas searching for Tim Lewis, the father of her baby who disappeared shortly after she told him she was pregnant. Cherry has since been suspected of his murder and is anxious to clear her name. Tim, now going by the name Ryan, is trying to live a quiet life in Mt Thomas despite becoming a local hero after saving a drowning child. He once again mysteriously disappears shortly after his new girlfriend announces her pregnancy. The Heelers think they have a serial absconder on their hands.
24 Sep. 2003
The Lowest of the Low
A convicted pedophile released from prison has moved into a house across the road from the local primary school. A young girl goes missing, and the suspect is accused of her abduction. Is he really the monster that so many believe he is?
1 Oct. 2003
Safety Last
Jonesy wonders if Susie's caution on the job is cowardice, but when he chases an armed escapee into the National Park and comes across a dead body, it's Susie who takes his call for assistance.
8 Oct. 2003
Good and Evil: Part One
Ben finds his tolerance tested when his 16-year-old daughter Maddy turns up at a seedy Mt Thomas nightclub with her "muso" boyfriend Kyle having run away from her mother and siblings in Perth. Ben's worst fears are confirmed by a teenage girl's story of being drugged and raped at the nightclub. Further investigation incriminates Kyle, outraging Maddy who accuses Ben of victimising the love of her life. Maddy puts herself in extreme danger trying to prove Kyle's innocence. It comes down to a race against time - can Ben get to Maddy before the rapist? Just as Marissa is...
15 Oct. 2003
Good and Evil: Part 2
Ben is concerned Maddy is dating a 'weirdo' just to spite him for breaking up her relationship with Kyle, and tries to persuade her to go out with a more suitable boy. His judgment is tested when both boys are suspected of theft and fraud.
22 Oct. 2003
Losing the Road
Constable Susie Raynor is deeply concerned when she learns that the grieving father and brother of the boy who was killed in the same road accident that left her husband, Brad, a paraplegic have moved to Mount Thomas. While Brad is sure she is overreacting, Susie can't shake the suspicion that the men are out for revenge and she is eventually proven correct.
29 Oct. 2003
What Goes Around
Susie's husband gets a new job and there is trouble with the staff. When it seems like there has been a murder, Susie husband's is employed by P.J., but it does not go quite to plan.
5 Nov. 2003
Ben buys his basketball team pork rolls from a local Vietnamese takeaway shop and is devastated when they all come down with food poisoning. But what appears to be a simple case for the health inspector turns into something else when racism and prejudice rear their ugly heads.
12 Nov. 2003
Dirty Cheaters
Tom discovers the Mt. Thomas High School principal has been viciously assaulted and when his stepson says he was offered a black market VCE exam paper, the Heelers suspect exam theft may have been a motive for the attack-that is until they start probing into the principal's dysfunctional family. Meanwhile, Senior Constable Ben Stewart has never made any secret of his desire to be promoted to sergeant. But to his immense frustration, every time it appears he's about to nab the position, it gets snatched from right under his nose. Now it seems as though poor Ben will ...
26 Nov. 2003
Sexual Healing
Susie and Brad visit a psychologist to help with their issues of intimacy, however suspicious practices eventually lead to a domestic argument and Brad moving out of the flat.
26 Nov. 2003
For Better or Worse
The time has come for the sergeant's position interviews, and Ben is nervous about any interference from the inspector. Brad has moved into the local motel; when Susie stops by to check on him, she and Jonesy break up a fight in the motel office between the motel owner and his wife's TAFE tutor, who is accused of having an affair with the motel owner's wife. Susie and Brad attempt a reconciliation with poor results. The episode ends with a fatal shooting.

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