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Season 13

1 Apr. 2006
Only the Lonely
Alex is having trouble bonding with his son, Rory. A sniper then seems to be targeting police officers. This will involve a father of a sick girl and thefts. Gossie is now running a shop and Tom will have to make decisions, all whilst trying to find out who is doing all the shootings. Then Rory goes missing.
8 Apr. 2006
Tom refuses to see a doctor despite Amy doing her best to persuade him to do so.
15 Apr. 2006
Jonesy and Alex find the remains of a baby in a burnt pit in the National Park and begin to investigate which leads them to a mysterious cult.
22 Apr. 2006
What's Love Got to Do with It
A young woman is in hospital, having been severely beaten with a tyre iron in a vicious home invasion, and the press are clamouring for information. Inspector Falcon-Price arrives from Mt Thomas, takes command of the station and clashes with Amy about how to conduct the investigation. Snr Sgt Tom Croydon is mysteriously absent, having uncharacteristically taken a few days' leave, supposedly to go fishing. Amy knows where he really is but she isn't saying; Kelly tries to track him down. Alex's son Rory is at the station, having another day off school, and Susie takes ...
29 Apr. 2006
A race meeting draws serious gamblers, serious criminals, and not-so-serious hats to Mt Thomas.
6 May 2006
Going Down Swinging
Tom is back at work early after his operation, against medical advice, and goes on patrol although clearly unfit for active duty. Tom and Alex investigate a fight at the pub which has left a man near death, and apprehend a couple of youthful thieves. Joss has hooked up with Tilda from the race meeting, and is planning a weekend away.
13 May 2006
Burning Up
Kelly rescues a wino from a fire, catches an arsonist, and prosecutes her first case in court, where she meets an attractive young legal aid solicitor. Joss's mum is visiting, and she invites Kelly to dinner with her and Joss.
20 May 2006
Down to Earth
Kelly and Joss haul the pilot from a crashed crop-spraying plane - or rather, Kelly does, with the help of a a neighbouring organic farmer. Joss keeps his distance, apparently afraid the plane will explode. The pilot has had letters threatening his plane will be sabotaged, and the greenie farmer, who's been heard to threaten him at a public meeting, soon becomes the prime suspect. Another incident reinforces Kelly's suspicion of him, and also her feeling that Joss has lost his nerve. But Joss has other troubles - he is seriously behind with his rent. Kelly's friend ...
27 May 2006
Kelly and Matt pursue a drug seller; Kelly and the young lawyer pursue each other; and Joss pursues a moonlighting career as a taxi-driver, with some very dangerous passengers.
4 Jun. 2006
One Day More: Part 1
Disgraced former constable Adam Cooper returns to Mount Thomas and Tom Croydon has his suspicions about him only to be proven right when Cooper makes a serious accusation against Tom. Meanwhile, Tom receives some bad news about his cancer and is told he has to have chemotherapy where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with end-stage cancer victim Gina O'Connor. Elsewhere, Matt's hearing is affected when a shotgun is discharged beside his head during a botched drugs bust and David Murray asks Kelly to move in with him. Inspector Falcon Price calls the team together ...
4 Jun. 2006
One Day More: Part 2
After 13 years and 510 episodes, BLUE HEELERS bids farewell with a special two hour movie-length episode hosted by Gold Logie winner, John Wood. Senior Sgt Tom Croydon knows he should be looking after his own health and renewing ties with his estranged family. But he's distracted when disgraced former constable Adam Cooper returns to town and makes serious criminal accusations against him. Detective Amy Fox and Acting Sergeant Alex Kirby pressure Tom to clear his name, but he seems disinterested. What they don't know is he's helping a young female cancer patient ...

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