Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) Poster

Dan Hedaya: Tournament Director


  • Tournament Director : Ok. I want to remind you to conduct yourselves like adults. I don't want any trouble. You know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're going to watch the game, do so from behind the player. No throat noises. No comments. No eye contact. Nobody cares if you're guilty or not. If you all behave yourselves, I think we'll all have a very good time. I'm not kidding.

    Tournament Director : [walks away] 

    Parents : [follows him complaining]  My son can't play w/ - My daughter needs her own clock...

    Parents : [more various complaints] 

    Tournament Director : [spins around and shows serious look. Everyone shuts up, and he walks away again] 

    Parents : [starts complaining about him]  Oh! This is unfair!

  • Man #1 : I did not pull on my ear!

    Man #2 : You pulled on your ear, when my son...

    Man #1 : I scratched my ear!

    Man #2 : Oh! You're a liar!

    Man #3 : Come on break it up.

    [comes to separate the two] 

    Man #1 : [instead grabs Man #3's shirt and slaps him in the face]  I don't care!

    Everyone Else : [goes chaotic] 

    Tournament Director : [while working at a table sees this and sighs, and then escorts them to jail cell on floor below] 

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