"SeaQuest 2032" To Be or Not to Be (TV Episode 1993) Poster

(TV Series)


Shelley Hack: Capt. Marilyn Stark


  • George Le Chein : So, tell me Captain, how do we beat the SeaQuest?

    Capt. Marilyn Stark : I've already beaten SeaQuest. What I want, is to be there when she drowns.

  • Renegade Sensor Chief : We're only a few kilometers away. We can go back and wait for her to come up.

    Capt. Marilyn Stark : Come up? She never has to come up. Even in her crippled state she could stay down there for months. No, we're gonna have to draw her out.

  • Capt. Nathan Bridger : I'm disappointed in you, Marilyn. Four torpedo's fired and only two hits. I thought I tought you better than that.

    Capt. Marilyn Stark : [on viewscreen]  I'll do better next time. I promise.

    Capt. Nathan Bridger : There won't be a next time, we both know that. Too many innocent people have died already.

    Capt. Marilyn Stark : [on viewscreen]  What world are you living in, Nathan? There are no innocent people. Everybody's guilty of something.

  • Capt. Marilyn Stark : [on viewscreen]  You want to kill me don't you? The warrior in you wants to taste a little blood? Isn't that funny? I kill for power. You kill for peace. We're just different sides of the same coin. Each heroes to our own causes. Well, lets see who gets the parade.

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