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René Féret should have made this film 19 years ago in 1974.
FilmCriticLalitRao14 February 2008
In some ways "La place d'un autre" can be called as L'histoire de Paul part 2.As far as René Féret's cinematographic oeuvre is concerned,this film should theoretically have come before L'histoire de Paul as in that film nothing was mentioned as to why a young man named Paul made up his mind to take his own life.All the questions which were left unanswered in L'histoire de Paul are discussed in La place d'un autre. This idea was always hovering on René Féret's mind but due to artistic commitments of different nature he was unable to finish this film as and when he wanted to do so.In this film we are shown how a young boy replaces his lost brother for the sake of his parents.There is also a poignant tale involving a talented soul who overcomes all instances of personal sorrow to emerge victorious.It is true that this film is autobiographical in nature,nevertheless René Féret has avoided all traps which might allude any kind of familiarity to actual events.There is also a concern for authenticity as the film was shot in the same mental institution where René Féret was interned after his personal tragedy.Recommendation : a film to be watched if you have ever lost a dear one in your family.
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