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  • The cute little jungle creature Hugo is one of his kind. Wanted by a millionaires wife as a pet, he travels to Copenhagen. Here he meets the street fox Rita. Together they try to avoid all dangers of the big city.


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  • The story revolves around 'Hugo', a one-of-a-kind creature that lives deep within the jungle. He is snatched away from his ideal lifestyle by a selfish actress and her movie-director husband to be the star in his next movie. Hugo however is able to escape but immediately finds himself trapped onboard a boat that's on route to civilisation. The Actress discovers him on the boat but doesn't get a chance to steal him before he is taken to the Zoo, but now that she knows where he is again she makes plans to capture him back. While in the Zoo Hugo meets 'Rita', a young vixen that's lived on the streets for as long as she can remember, but before they talk much Rita has to leave as two thugs break into the Zoo to try and steal Hugo for the Actress. Hugo gets away but isn't accustomed to life in a city and has to deal with many problems before he meets Rita again. The vixen works at trying to teach him how to live on the streets but because of Hugo's childish attitudes he refuses to eat any of the garbage food and insists they find something better. They discover a cake shop but its guarded by Cats, Hugo is able to make it inside to eat but Rita is left outside. Rita has to save him though when he gets surrounded by cats, and when Hugo doesn't even realise he didn't do anything wrong the two fall out. This is short-lived as Hugo realises his fault and apologises, the two quickly becoming friends once more. Rita takes Hugo to stay at her den with her family but they quickly make plans to escape to the docks to leave on the boat again back to the jungle. The Actress sends out several groups of bounty-hunters to capture Hugo, and it is only through help from his new best friend Rita that he is able to escape back to the jungle to his old friends. Rita waving him off into the sunset.

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