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Washington Post
Cruise was born to play company man, and the role is an opportunity to sum up his old roles and transcend them with his most potently emotional work.
But with a screenplay that developed the story more clearly, this might have been a superior movie, instead of just a good one with some fine performances.
Entertainment Weekly
No one is going to confuse The Firm with art, but its high- cholesterol virtues-a story that keeps you guessing, a dozen meaty character turns-are enough to send you home sated.
An average movie improved by Cruise's star appeal and accomplished supporting cast.
The New York Times
The movie is extremely long (two hours and 34 minutes) and so slow that by the end you feel as if you've been standing up even if you've been sitting down.
By the film's climax, following the plot movements has become merely complex rather than suspenseful.
The New Yorker
The supporting cast provides centripetal force; too bad the center cannot hold.
Very little of what made the written version so enjoyable has been successfully translated to the screen, and what we're left with instead is an overly-long (two hours and thirty-four minutes, to be exact), pedantic thriller.
Director Sydney Pollack zapped out a taut thriller in "Three Days of the Condor". But The Firm is mostly flab, in the manner of Pollack's elephantine Havana.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
By then, the lofty ambitions can't disguise the sad reality - it's long, it's cluttered, and it's trite.

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