Fatal Instinct (1993) Poster

Sherilyn Fenn: Laura Lincolnberry



  • Ned Ravine : [in court]  Miss Lincolnberry, can you tell us what this is?

    Laura Lincolnberry : Yes, that is one of the many death threats that Max Shady faxed to you the day that he was released from prison.

    Ned Ravine : A fax... in which he threatened to purée... certain parts of my anatomy... in a blender.

    Lana's Prosecutor : I object! There's no need to deal with the facts in this case.

    Judge Skanky : I'll allow it.

  • Laura Lincolnberry : [Laura is having a flashback]  No! No! No!

    [she is splashed by a gallon of water] 

    Ned Ravine : Laura! Snap out of it!

    [he stands holding a tiny dixie cup] 

  • Laura Lincolnberry : [thinking]  I wonder what he's thinking when he looks at me with that goofy smile.

    Ned Ravine : [thinking]  Boy, does she look stupid in that hat.

    Laura Lincolnberry : [thinking]  If I told him how I really feel, he'd probably fire me. Oh, what am I saying? He probably doesn't even know I exist.

    Ned Ravine : [thinking]  Laura's incredible. And so smart. I wonder if she's smart enough to know that that was Lola's lipstick on my collar? And that we spent the night bumping ugly and knocking boots?

    Laura Lincolnberry : [thinking]  Maybe I should dress more like Lola Cain. Then he'd notice me. Hm. If I came in wearing no panties, no bra and a wet T-shirt, then...

    Ned Ravine : [interrupting her thinking]  Maybe she hasn't found the right... Oh, I'm sorry.

    Laura Lincolnberry : [thinking]  I was just rambling.

    Ned Ravine : [thinking]  Go ahead.

    Laura Lincolnberry : [thinking]  No, no, really. You first.

    Ned Ravine : [thinking]  No, I insist, please.

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